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Band Bio

Who knows when this stuff actually started? Starting out with just Brandon and T.J. with a small ass amp and a make-shift karaoke machine , in 2002. Covering songs by Drowning Pool, Metallica , Slipknot and all sorts of other bands, they were getting no where fast. After about 3 months of that, they incorporated Dustin into the mix. Having only a few practices, they were still getting nowhere. After experimenting with a rhythm guitarist a few times, they decided just to stick with one guitarist then one day, they decided to stop dicking around and get shit done. Once that was said, the “first” song was completed. This song “I hate you”, marked a the beginning of the saga. After some disputes on missing practices, Brandon got the boot. He was fine with it, there was no bad blood involved. Dustin + T.J. continued as a 2 piece creating the song “No Pain”. After two months as a two piece, Brandon was invited to rejoin the band. He accepted and they practiced that weekend. They worked in consensus and created “Lay Down and Die” and “Better to Die” that day. These two phenomenal songs are just the beginning of this hell storm, Tommy, the newest member, plays bass for them now , he is a fantastic addition to the Slaughter Point sound. With a few shows in the making Slaughter Point will carry on and make a stand in the metal scene!!!