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Walker's Farm Cemetery

Monroe, Connecticut

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Walker's Farm Cemetery, established in 1792, is located on Hammertown Road in Monroe, Connecticut. Most of the stones that are intact and legible date from the 1800s and 1900s. The older stones (1790s), located at the back of the cemetery, were worn down, broken and/or illegible. There are several Civil and World War veterans interred in Walker's Farm.

Photos taken 4 April 2010.

Walker's Farm space saver Walker's Farm

Two views of Walker's Farm.


The oldest stone I was able to find that was still legible.

"Erected to the Memory of Deac.n JOHN JUDSON

who departed this Life March 6th 1799

In the 82.d Year of his Age.

He was a cordial friend, in counsel judicious,

as a Christian, worthy of imitation; in him was

exemplified the character of the good man.

Dust form'd us all, each breaths his last day

Then sinks into his native day."


Arguably the nicest (intact) memorial in Walker's Farm.

"Charles L. Plumb

Dec. 5, 1817. Feb. 9, 1894.

Julia A. Sears his wife

May 1, 1819. Dec. 31, 1898.

They are not lost but gone before."

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