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Putney-Oronoque Cemetery

Stratford, Connecticut

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Putney-Oronoque Cemetery is located on Main Street in Stratford, Connecticut and was established in 1827. It is next to Boothe Memorial Park, which is supposed to be the oldest homestead in America and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (It was built in 1840 over the foundation of a 1663 house and has been continuously occupied ever since.) Many members of the Booth(e) family are interred in Putney-Oronoque and there seem to still be a few modern-day burials on the property.

Photos taken 15 April 2010.


A view of Puteny-Oronoque, from the front right corner.

The dome in the back right corner is the Boothe Memorial Astronomical Society Observatory.

The Boothe family plot is at the left of the photo.

Clark space saver Wheeler

"Horace Clark drowned Aug. 23, 1859 Ae. 20 y'rs & 3 mo."

"Thomas E. Wheeler. Died of Consumption August 11, 1857. Ae. 20 y'rs & 10 mo."

The remainder of the inscriptions on both stones is mostly illegible.

Wells space saver Wells

The front and back of the Wells monument:

Lewis Wells, died Oct. 25, 1875, age 84 years.

Phebe Wells, widow of Lewis Wells, died Dec. 31, 1875, age 76 years.

Samuel Wells, died Oct. 4, 1849, age 90 years.

Catherine Wells, widow of Samuel, died Oct. 24, 1852, age 85 years.

Wells space saver Wells

Possibly the most elaborate memorial in Putney, also for members of the Wells family.

Stephen Wells, died Dec. 14, 1857, age 58 years.

Delia, wife of Stephen, died May 27, 1877, age 69 years.

John L., only son of Stephen & Delia, died Jan. 23, 1877, age 46 years.

Harriett A., only daughter of Stephen & Delia, died Mar. 21, 1861, age 28 years.

William M. Wright, died Aug. 17, 1844, age 42 years.

Lydia Ann Wells, died Jul. 1, 1880, age 70 years.

Lydia was the wife of William Wright and the and widow of Connecticut's 25th governor, Gideon Tomlinson.

(Tomlinson, Dec. 31, 1780 - Oct. 8, 1854, is buried in the Old Congregational Burying Ground, also in Stratford.)

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