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Lyon Cemetery

Easton, Connecticut

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Lyon sign

Lyon Cemetery is a small plot of land along Sport Hill Road in Easton, Connecticut, just about a mile past Union Cemetery, and a few miles before Sanford Burial Ground, in Redding, Connecticut, if you are traveling north. Lyon Cemetery is the Lyon family plot. Approximately 43 stones remain, dating from 1801 through 1881. In addition to Lyon, you will also find the surnames of Bradley, Coley, Hall, Hawley, Nichols, Platt, Scofield and Todd.

Photos were taken 19 October 2008, 29 July 2010 and 6 September 2010.

View of Lyon Cemetery

A partial view of Lyon from across the street, featuring the new (September 2010) sign.

Ebenezer & Mary Lyon

Two of the oldest stones in Lyon:

On the right: "Miss MARY LYON, Daughter of Mr. EBENEZER LYON,

died Feb.y 25th, 1802 in the 26th year of her age."

On the left: "In Memory of Mr. EBENEZER LYON, died Sept.r 3d, 1801 aged 80 years."

Elizabeth & Lemuel Hawley

"In memory of ELIZABETH HAWLEY, of Danbury. Daughter of

Zachariah & Ruth Lyon. Wife of Lemuel Hawley;

who died Aug. 27, 1856; AE. 78 Yrs."

"In memory of LEMUEL HAWLEY of Newtown.

Who died March 22, 1846; AE. 74 Yrs."

Lonzi Lyon

"LONZI LYON, died Dec. 9, 1846, aged 23 years.

A member of Olive Branch Lodge No. 31 I.O. of O.F."

The Olive Branch Lodge was a Masonic organization.

I.O. of O.F. stands for Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

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