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Willowbrook Cemetery

Westport, Connecticut

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Willowbrook pillar

Willowbrook Cemetery, on Route 57 (Main Street), Westport, Connecticut was established in 1847. It contains some of the most unusual memorials in the area. There seems to be a heavy concentration of Jewish people interred here, as well as many members of the clergy (reverends, priests, bishops) and dozens of members of the Coley family.

Photos taken 16 March 2010.

Some notable residents of Willowbrook include:

Edward Huntington Coley
(22 August 1861 - 6 June 1949), Bishop of Central New York;
James Earle Fraser
(4 November 1876 - 11 October 1953), a sculptor who designed the Indian head buffalo nickel (1913), the Navy Cross and World War I victory medals. In 1919, he received the Saltus Medal art award and in 1952 he was awarded the Century Association Medal of Honor and the National Sculpture Society Medal of Honor. One of his pieces, "The End of the Trail" of a weary Indian slumping on his horse, is one the most reproduced works of art of all time. His statues and monuments include Alexander Hamilton at the Department of Commerce Building, Washington, D.C.; "Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis, and William Clark" at the Missouri State Capitol; the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial in Philadelphia; Robert Todd Lincoln's Sarcophagus and the William Howard Taft Monument, both in Arlington National Cemetery.
Laura Fraser
(14 September 1889 - 13 August 1966), sculptor who designed a number of coins (and James Earle Fraser's wife);
Alexander Kipnis
(1 February 1891 - 14 May 1978), opera singer (bass) who performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York and at other prestigious opera houses throughout the world;
Josiah Marean
(1844 - 1922), a New York State Supreme Court Justice. (Marean's monument is shown later on the page);
Walter Langer "Baron" von Langendorff
(died 1983), who created the perfume, "White Shoulders" in 1940, and introduced a cologne for men, "The Baron" in 1965. He also founded Evyan Perfumes, a New York-based fragrance manufacturer. (Von Langendorff's mausoleum is pictured at the bottom of the page.)

Dau pyramid

"Whoever hath God with him reposeth quietly

Frederick Wm. Dau

Natus May 7, 1870 - Obiit Sept. 19, 1963

Sadon Giblyn Dau

Nata Feb. 19, 1887 - Obiit Mar. 23, 1960"


"Erected by the Arab Patrol of Mecca Temple

A.A.O.N.M.S. [Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine]

of New York City

to the Memory of

William E. Duncan 1865 - 1915"

Warren Bedford

Detail, Warrewn Bedford mausoleum space saver Warren Bedford window

"Thou hast made us for thyself and our heart shall never be at rest until at last it rests in thee."

Warren Bedford mausoleum

Lindblad memorial space saver Lindblad flat stone

Lars-Eric Lindblad

1927 - 1994

Ruriko Hosaka Lindblad

1947 -

Lindblad Travel plaque

Holman space saver Detail, Holman memorial

Holman memorial:

Guy Holman, 1888 - 1946

Elizabeth Wright Holman, 1888 - 1950

Margaret Black Holman 1893 - 1936

Guy Holman (son of Guy and Margaret) 1921 - 1994

Jacoby space saver Detail, Jacoby

"Harold Jacoby

March 4 1865

July 20 1932

Astronomer, Columbia University

Annie Maclear Jacoby

May 3 1868

July 31 1945

Grannie Annie"

"Josiah Taylor Marean

1844 - 1922

Justice Supreme Court New York State

Elizabeth Richards Marean Coursen

1848 - 1931"

Burnsed space saver Burnsed

Ricky Dale Burnsed

Born May 26, 1953

Died December 17, 1988

"This earth is neither the beginning nor the end.

No Soul is ever lost.

Those whom God loves die young."

Heyn space saver Heyn

The book on top reads:

"There is no death what we call death

is but surcease from strife

They do not die whom we call dead

They go from life to life"

Roman Henry Heyn (Feb. 18, 1882 - Nov. 20, 1942)

Gertrude Hotchkiss Heyn (Oct. 31, 1890 - Aug. 19, 1960)

Julia Snowdon Hotchkiss, daughter of Charles and Hannah More Jessup (Jan. 24, 1863 - Mar. 13, 1942)

Von Langendorff space saver Von Langendorff

Walter Langer "Baron" von Langendorff's mausoleum, the largest in Willowbrook.

"Golden Shadows"

For more information on von Langendorff, read his entry at the top of the page.

All photos copyright by the author, 2010. Not to be used or reproduced without permission.

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