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Gilbertown Cemetery

Easton, Connecticut

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Gilbertown Cemetery is on Route 58 in Easton, Connecticut, across the street from Aspetuck and Center Street Cemeteries. Gilbertown is small, dating from around 1779. It is relatively unremarkable; several Revolutionary War veterans and Samuel Staples (a local philanthropist) are buried here.

Photos were taken 12 November 2008 and 13 July 2010.


A view of Gilbertown, facing Route 58.


Major Hill's stone is the oldest within Gilbertown.

"In Remembrance of Major JABEZ HILL; who having served his Country faithfully,

& filled up every social relation, to the full satisfaction

of his numerous friends and acquaintance,

departed this Life much lamented Oct'r 19th, 1779

in the 35th Year of His Age.

A generous faith from superstition free

A love to Peace, & hate of Tyranny;

Such this man was, who now from earth remov'd

At length enjoys that Liberty he lov'd."

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"In memory of Mr. SAMUEL STAPLES, who died Feb'y 21st 1787; In the 79th Year of his Age.

He was Possess'd of a Plentiful Fortune, which he Devoted to Pious and Charitable Purposes;

Especially The Founding of a free School for the Education of Poor Children and Youth

in FAIRFIELD; Also a Con'derable Sum for the Support of

the Gospel in the Parish of NORTH FAIRFIELD, and a large Estate

for the Purpose of Schooling Poor Children at the Sifferent Schools in WESTON;

He was a Ste'dy Attendant on the Worship of God. A Friend to the Liberties of his Country.

Both Civil and Sacred; And left this Mortal Scene in Humble Hope of Eternal Bliss Through Jesus Christ Lord."

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The Oakleys. They died a day apart, both age of 41.

"In memory of Mr. PETER OAKLEY

who died Aug. 18th, 1794

in the 41st year of his age.


died Aug. 17th, 1794

in the 41st year of her age."

Staples space saver Staples

"In Memory of


who departed this Life

Jan'ry 15th 1795

In the 83d Year of his Age."

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"In Memory of

DEBORAH, relict of Gersham Bradley,

who died Sept. 3, 1832;

in the 99 year of her age."


"In memory of JOHNATHAN KINNER, a soldier of the Revolution,

who died March 31, 1838; AE 96 years."



Nov. 27, 1839 - Mar. 11, 1902

CARRIE M. his wife

March 17, 1846 - June 26, 1921

They through the fields of Paradise who roam,

The blessed ones repeat through that bright home. Alleluia."

All photos copyright by the author, 2009. Not to be used or reproduced without permission.

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