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Den Cemetery

(Den Road Cemetery / Baldwin Cemetery / Wheeler Cemetery / Indian Cemetery)

Easton, Connecticut

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Den Cemetery

Den Cemetery (also known as Den Road Cemetery, Baldwin Cemetery, Wheeler Cemetery, and less commonly, Indian Cemetery) is located off Route 58 in an area of Easton, Connecticut, once known as "Little Egypt." The cemetery is tucked away in a forested area, near the Aspetuck River and surrounded by a stone wall. It is small, but significant. Dating from the 1820s, it is the oldest integrated cemetery in Easton, containing the remains of both whites and free blacks (some of whom may have been part-Native American). In total, Den Cemetery contains eight standing stones, with an additional three interments known (and two more speculated). At least another 26 people are presumed to be buried here, but the identity of those inhabitants is currently lost. Unfortunately, most of the existing stones are, at least partially, illegible.

Den is off-limits to the public, located on private property owned by the Aquarion Water Company. The cemetery is only accessible with a permit, available to restricted personnel. (I was fortunate enough to accompany a member of the Easton Cemetery Association. Many thanks.)

Photos taken 13 July 2010.

Den Cemetery space saver Den Cemetery

Two views of Den Cemetery: from the front right and from the front left corner.


"In memory of STEPHEN THORP

who died Sept. 10, 1857:

AE. 77 years."

space saver

Stephen's wife, Elizabeth (died 31 July 1857 at age 75),

is also buried in Den Cemetery. Her grave is unmarked.

Beach Treadwell space saver Polly Treadwell

The Treadwells:

"In memory of BEACH

Son of David H. & Hannah Treadwell

who died July 9, 1833.

Aged 23 years."

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On the right, his sister, Polly Treadwell,

who died April 19, 1841, age 25 years & 2 days.

(Some sources list her date of death as Aug. 25, 1872.)

Aaron Baldwin space saver Baldwin

Sylvanus Baldwin (died 1868), listed as a "basketmaker" on the local census,

was a free black man who owned $200.00 worth of real estate in the town of Easton.

He and his wife, Delia (1801 - 1876), had twelve children.

It is presumed that the couple is buried in Den Cemetery, along with their son, Aaron,

and daughter, Arity. (The children's markers are shown, above.)

Aaron died Dec. 17, 1838, age 12 years, and

Arity died Aug. 21, 1839, age 10 years.

Calvin Wheeler space saver Mary Wheeler space saver Hannah Wheeler

The Wheelers:

Calvin, Sr. (Jan. 17, 1742 - Mar. 17, 1831), age 89 years & 2 months;

Mary Thorp, his wife (Aug. 21, 1745 - April 18, 1828), age 82 years, 8 months & 27 days;

his daughter-in-law (wife of Calvin, Jr.), Hannah Bennet

(died Jan. 29, 1840; some sources list 1846), age 71 years, 6 months & 25 days.

space saver

Calvin, Jr. (Jan. 5, 1767 - Feb. 8, 1842) is also interred in Den Cemetery, but the location is no longer marked.

Also known to be interred at Den:

Standley H. Squires,

son of Dudley & Harriett Squires.

Died Feb. 25, 1833,

age 3 years, 8 months & 27 days.

All photos copyright by the author, 2010. Not to be used or reproduced without permission.

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