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Bradley Cemetery

Newtown, Connecticut

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Bradley Cemetery gate

Bradley Cemetery is a small family burying ground located on Bradley Lane, off Route 34 (Berkshire Road), in Newtown, Connecticut. There are approximately 50 interments contained therein; several of the men buried here were Masons. Most burials date from the 1820s to the early 1900s, but the newest monument is marked 1981. Other common surnames found within Bradley cemetery include Calhoun, Goulett, and Somers. The cemetery does not appear to be maintained; it is quite overgrown and most of the older stones (pre-1860) are broken and/or illegible.

Photos taken 29 March 2011.

Bradley Cemetery

Bradley Cemetery, as seen from diagonally across Bradley Lane.

The Calhoun obelisk is prominent, on the right.

Sarah Bradley Parmelee

One of the older stones that was still (mostly) legible.


wife of Ira A. Parmelee

daughter of Abijah & Salley BRADLEY

Died May 20, 1854.

Ae. 26."

Following this is an indistinct inscription.

George Bradley space saver Comfort Bradley

Mason George Bradley and his wife, Comfort:

space saver


Died June 30, 1875

Age 79 Yrs & 10 Mos."

space saver


wife of George Bradley, Esq.

Died Sept. 8, 1868.

Ae. 77."

Beneath this is an illegible line of text.

Calhoun monument

The Calhoun obelisk:

"Archibald C. Calhoun died June 10, 1843. Aged 47 y'rs 4m's & 10 days.

Julia A. Bradley his wife died Sept. 6, 1890, aged 91 y'rs.

William C. Hamilton died Mar. 15, 1857, aged 47 y'rs.

Julia Ann Calhoun wife of Frederick L. Pickford died Dec. 7, 1899. Aged 72 y'rs. 1 month & 22 days.

John C. Calhoun died Jan. 1, 1880. Aged 57 y'rs 11 m's & 12 days.

Julia C. Hamilton wife of J.H. Toms died Oct. 5, 1901. Age 52 y'rs.

George B. Calhoun died March 31, 1907. aged 82 yrs. 9 mo's & 21 days."

Bradley Cemetery

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