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Franz Kafka

Kafka was an incredible writer with a very complex and intricate style. His stories have a very psychological base making use of symbolism, often in a world of realism. Here I just want to give a brief introduction to him because I believe to really understand his ideas on a deeper level you should read some of my interpretations below because each work is really a world of its own. It would be difficult to point to a single common vein in all of his stories, but I believe there are a few themes Kafka includes in almost all of his writings. One of Kafka's main topics is alienation; alienation from others, alienation from spirituality and even alienation from our true self. To Kafka, the modern world is not a place that nourishes our humanity, it deprives us of what our true self demands. Another of Kafka's subjects is guilt which appears in almost all of his stories in some form. He sees guilt as a burden that man carries, a sort of unnatural burden that plagues us, often driving us unconsciously in directions we do not wish to go. Ultimately to Kafka the modern world is indifferent to humanity and to accommodating to its real needs. Some other common themes throughout his work are authority, law, self-doubt, freedom and the futility of life in general. While his literary world is often a world of despair, I believe he points out many things that are inherent in our nature that we ultimately do not wish to see.



My Interpretations of his stories:

In the Penal Colony

The Metamorphosis


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