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Michigan 100+ Ladies
Michigan 100+ Ladies

Recently I joined a wonderful group of ladies with two common bonds: We're all from Michigan and we all have over 100 pounds to lose. I've met some really neat ladies there.

Some of the gals recently got together in Lansing for lunch, laughs, and friendship. Click here for pictures

I was fortunate enough to "meet" Kay via a mutual friend. Kay emailed me to find out more about my weight loss journey so far. I told her about the Michigan 100+ group, and I guess you could say the rest is history! We are very lucky to have Kay as part of our group. She is always positive and uplifting. Click here for more pictures of Kay

Pictured below is the amazing Carol. Why is she amazing? Because she has worked so hard and has made it to ONEderland after losing over 69 pounds to get there! I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to meet Carol and her family in person when they took a trip to Frankenmuth. She truly is a fabulous woman and I'm so proud to call her my friend!

Before, around 269 pounds

Another before picture

Carol(on the right) now, in ONEderland!
Also pictured is the shy
Kayla (Carol's granddaughter) and myself

Carol with my kids and her grandkids
during our visit to Frankenmuth

Here we have our resident Yooper, Amy. Amy is a very busy and dedicated Office Manager who is working very hard at dedicating time for herself too! Way to go Amy!!

Amy with her loving fiance Joe

Snoopy and Amy with her soon-to-be stepson, Skyler

We have so many hard working ladies in this group. Dava is no different. She owns her own business manufacturing peristaltic pumps for the water treatment industry, yet she always finds time to contribute to the group. Thanks Dava!

Dan and Dava in Chicago
at the Museum of Science and Industry

Xmas 2002 with Dan's son (Jamie), DIL (Kara),
and granddaughter (Cloe, who is a little camera shy!)

This next lovely Michigan lady, Jamie, I had the pleasure of meeting in person one day for lunch. Let me tell you, these pictures don't do her justice!

Jamie with her husband Dave
at Notre Dame for a football game

Christmas 2002
Dave, Jamie, and Maddie

Or as I like to call her, Gymin Jennifer!! This girl is the workout Queen!! Jen works so hard and takes such good care of her family and at the same time is taking good care of herself too. Way to go Jen!!

Jennifer - before
Christmas 2002

10% gone forever!!

Another before - close up
Christmas 2002

Close up 10% gone
What a change!!
Good for you Jen

Jen's Dad & Mom with their dog Daisy,
her brother Bill and his dog Duffy,
Jennifer and hubby Rick

Jen and Rick's furry baby

Christine is our resident baker. With a job as a pastry chef, I give this girl tons of credit for working the WW program while being surrounded by baked goodies all day. You go girl!!

Taken on Christine's daughter's wedding day
Son Jim, Hubby Bob, Christine,
Daughter Vanessa and her hubby Bruce

Vanessa, Christine and Jim
On Christine's wedding day

Jim and Vanessa walk
their mom down the aisle.

At last, pictures of Mo! To "borrow" words from Dava, Mo is our "teacher, mentor, historian, and a whole bunch of other stuph all rolled into one." We think she'd be a good WW leader some day!

This picture of Mo was taken
at our first get together.

A close up so you could see
her great smile and beautiful hair!

Stacy is one of the newer members of the group. I knew her from work and when I found out she was doing the WW program I asked her to join us. She's done a fabulous job and has been a great addition to the group.
Stacy when we met for supper 6/5/03 Stacy and her daughter Sara Is that her kid or what??
A very sweet family!!

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