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Magickal Tools

MM. This page has all of the tools you will need for your spellwork, and other stuff in Wicca.

Altar Cloths
These cloths are used sort of like tablecloths for your altar. The color of your altar cloth represents you. You should pick out an altar cloth in one of your favourite colors so that it can suit you, and your sacred working space.

These are nature made objects. They can be items such as a leaf you picked up on a forest path to a crystal you saw at a store! These objects MUST come from nature. Mine is a chain, from which hangs a beautiful pinecone charm that has been taken from the pinecone itself and polished. These items are used in protection or with maguckal intent.

The athame is a double edged knife approximately 6 inches in length. In ritual it is used to represent the male phallus and are used to cut energy. They are ususlly rather dull with the traditional black handle. When choosing an Athame, be sure to pick one that feels special to you.

These are used for many things. Plain baskets are good to keep your magickal potions and powders organised. This way you can find anything when you need it.

Bath Salts
Both plain and magickal are used in a ritual bath before doing ritual or magick. They help to calm and relax you and to make your bath a special treatment.

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