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~*`Herbal Remidies`*~

Alfalfa-Leaves prevent heart disease, and help prevent strokes

Allspice-pain reliever, also used to treat diabetes

Aloe - Helps to heal cuts and scrapes, used as a moisturiser, grow indoors.

Anise-cough remidy, digestive aid, used to treat prostate cancer.

Lemon Balm- Treat wounds, can be used as tranquiliser, used to treat menstral cramps.

Basil-Helps fight acne, Stimulates immune system

Bay- Wounds, bug repellant, helps to relax the muscles and joints.

Caraway - Expels cramps.

Catnip- Cough remedy, digestive aid.

Chamomile- Wounds, Ulcers.

Chicory - Laxitive.

Cinnamon-Pain relief, digestive aid.

Clove-Oral hygene, digestive aid, infection fighter.

Coriander-Indigestion, Muscle pains.

Cranberry -urinary tract infections.

Dandelion- PMS, Weight loss, colds, ulcers

Dill- urinary tract infections,digestive aid

Echinacea -kills a wide variety of disease,boosts immune system, preserve white blood cells

Eucalyptus -minor cuts and scrapes,

Fennel -expels gas
Feverfew -migraine control

Garlic-colds, coughs, flu, fever, bronchitis, ringworm, intestinal worms, elevated cholesterol, and general internal organ problems,reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and reduces internal clots

Ginger- motion sickness, helps arthritis, reducing cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, prevents internal blood clots

Ginkgo -increases blood flow to the brain, prevents strokes and heart attacks, helps with: circulation, asthma, tinnitus, and deafness

Ginseng -boosts immune system, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood sugars, reduces heart attacks, protects liver, helps appetite, helps cancer patients with radiation therapy

Horehound -cough remedy

Hyssop- colds, flu

Juniper -treatment for PMS, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure

Kelp -reduces heart disease, fights infections

Marijuana -cancer, AIDS, and glaucoma. Though normally concidered a harmful drug it has saved years of life for some people and is NOT physically addictave.

Marjoram -digestive aid

Mint -helps throat irritation

Mistletoe -slows pulse, lowers blood pressure and stimulate gastrointestinal and uterine contractions.

Parsley -helps fever, helps with allergies, helps heart patients. Pepper, Red -shingles reliever, helps headaches

Rosemary -digestive aid

Saffron -de-clogs arteries, lowers blood pressure

Sage -lowers blood sugar, helps with sore throats

Tarragon -toothaches

Tea -help colds, congestion, asthma, diarrhea, tooth decay

Thyme -digestive aid, menstrual cramps, cough remedy

Vervain -mild laxative, mild pain relief

Witch Hazel -cuts, bruises, hemorrhoids, sore muscles

Yarrow -wound treatment, digestive aid, menstrual cramps, mild sedative

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