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Citius, Altius, Fortius.

New Zealand Representation
In the 21 years to 1966
Western Suburbs Athletic & Harrier Club
have produced twelve New Zealand representatives in Athletics


1954 Empire Games (Vancouver) in Long Jump (gold medal)
Shot (gold), Discus (gold), and 80 Metres Hurdles.

Yvette held 21 New Zealand titles
Shotput, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, 80m Hurdles
including eight successive in Shot and seven in Long Jump.

Yvette was inducted to the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame in 1990


1958 Empire Games (Cardiff), in Shot, Discus (silver).
1960 N.Z. versus Victoria (Melbourne) in Shot, Discus.
1960 Olympic Games (Rome) in Shot, Discus. Also Team Captain.
1962 Empire Games (Perth) in Shot, Discus.
1964 Olympic Games (Tokyo) in Shot, Discus.
1966 Empire Games (Kingston) in Shot (silver), Discus [gold]

Les won 25 New Zealand titles.
Represented New Zealand at four Olympic and four Commonwealth Games.
Was a finalist in all four Olympics.

Les was inducted into
the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame in 1990.


1958 Empire Games (Cardiff) in Long Jump, Triple Jump (bronze).
1960 N.Z. versus Victoria (Melbourne), in Long and Triple Jumps.
1960 Olympic Games (Rome), in Long and Triple Jumps.
1962 Empire Games (Perth), in Long Jump (silver), Triple Jump, 4 x 440 Yards Relay.
1966 Empire Games (Kingston), In Long Jump and Triple Jump.

Norris became the first New Zealander to compete at five Commonwealth Games,
finishing sixth in the triple jump.


1958 Empire Games (Cardiff), in Long Jump and Triple Jump.
1960 N.Z. versus Victoria (Melbourne), Long and Triple Jumps.

Roy held the New Zealand Decathlon title 11 times between 1956-70.
He also held the New Zealand title for Discus in 1956 and the 100m Hurdles in 1965.

Roy was inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame in 1990.


1962 Empire Games (Perth), 100 Yards (silver),
220 Yards, 4 x 110 Yards Relay (bronze).
1964 Olympic Games (Tokyo), 100 and 200 Metres.

1958 Empire Games (Cardiff) in Javelin.
Also Team Captain

1964 Olympic Games Team (Rome), Chaperone.
1962 Empire Games (Perth), 880 Yards, 4 x 440 Yards Relay.
1960 N.Z. versus Victoria (Melbourne), 120, 220 and 440 Yards Hurdles.
1962 Empire Games (Perth), 120 and 440 Yards Hurdles.
1960 N.Z. versus Victoria (Melbourne), 100 Yards, 220 Yards and 4 x 110 Yards Relay.
1965 N.Z. versus New South Wales in N.Z.100 Yards, Long Jump and 4 x 110 Yards Relay.
1964 Olympic Games (Tokyo), Marathon.

In addition, several club athletes who have won National Honours
in other sports:
Yvette Williams
N.Z. Womens Basketball
The New Zealand Sportsman of the Year in 1950 and 1952
and received the MBE Award in 1953. Her husband, Buddy Corlett,
represented New Zealand in Softball and Basketball
Les Mills
Les took up weightlifting competitively and represented New Zealand
in a test against Australia in 1966. He became the first and so far only New Zealander to be selected for one Games in two different sports in 1966 when selected to contest the heavyweight weightlifting in addition to the shot and discus.
Mills had great incentive to qualify for the Christchurch Games in 1974 as his wife, Colleen [nee Knight], and children, Phillip and Donna, were all training hard in an effort to compete. Mills had suffered a major injury but was recovering well and held a ranking of around fifth in the Commonwealth in the shot. His family were all selected but Les was left out, a tragic way for this great athlete to finish.
Frank McMullen
All Black
1957-58-59-60 Tests : 11 / All Black Games : 29
International Rugby Referee.
Malcolm Dick
All Black
1963-64-65-66-67-69-70 Tests : 15 / All Black Games : 55
Bill Birtwhistle
All Black
1967 Tests : 7 / All Black Games : 12
Roy Williams
N.Z. Mens Basketball
David Norris
N.Z. Mens Basketball
Bruce Cameron
Weightlifting 1966 Empire Games
N.Z.Colts Rugby team
Ian Grey
N.Z. Rugby League
1954-55. 2 Games
Bob Mincham
N.Z. Rugby League
1965. 3 Games
Brian Reidy
N.Z. Rugby League
1961-65. 8 Games
Don Oliver
Captain of New Zealand team at the Commonwealth Games in 1966 and the Mexico Olympics in 1968. Oliver was the national heavyweight champion 10 years in a row
Won the silver medal at the Perth Commonwealth Games in 1962 and the gold medal four years later in Kingston. His greatest achievement didnít earn him a medal, when he was fifth at the world championships in Teheran.
Halberg Award Winners
The sister and brother combination of
Yvette Williams (1950 and 52) and Roy Williams (1966) both in Track and Field

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