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The Information System Department of WAPDA better known as WAPDA Computer Centre (WCC) is the hub of IT activity in WAPDA. Ever since the Computer Centre was established in 1968, WCC has supported the implementation of computer technology throughout the organization and the Country. Using broad categories of mainframe, minis and micro computers, running under an array of operating environments WCC has also the distinction of producing skilled workforce for the IT industry.

The Authority is now fully harnessing the advantages of information technology (IT) and in almost all studies from detailed monitoring of WAPDA's defaulters to Analysis of Electricity tariffs, computer centre has become focal point for generating information imperative for management policy formulation.

 WCC has been instrumental in implementing the WAPDA/GOP instructions. The incentive packages were promptly and uniformly implemented giving timely relief to the agriculturist and industrial consumers

The spontaneous implementation of these incentive packages also enhanced electricity consumption and allowed WAPDA to sell its surplus power, at the same time, bringing the country closer to a green revolution.

Equipped with VAX 4000 Computers from Digital Equipment Corporation (now Compaq USA), IBM Servers, WAPDA's Information System Department field formations have been given under the administrative control of respective DISCOs. These formations remained operational to provide computerized electricity bills to more than 13.25 million electricity consumers, every month.

This largest computer application in Pakistan has ensured uniform implementation of electricity tariff across the country. The system has helped in reduction of consumers complaints and assisted in streamlining revenue realization process.

To receive payments against federal & provincial government departments electricity dues, directly from Federal Adjuster, a computerized system has been successfully Operationalized.

WAPDA Computer Centre has completed work on a comprehensive year 2000 software conversion plan and all in-house developed commercial software was made year 2000 compliant. All the other software including Employees provident fund, Assets accounting etc. has also been converted and new revised software packages are running smoothly. In all these packages field expansion has been done and dates used have been expanded to include century. The goal of achieving year 2000 compliance for the in-house developed software was accomplished by WCC officers without any external assistance and at the same time no extra budget was sought for this purpose.

So far over 32,000 WAPDA officers and officials of various WAPDA formations have been put on Y2K compliant computerized payroll system. The application software has been provided to all DISCOs to ensure its complete implementation.

Entire operations of 177,000 WAPDA Employees provident Fund (EPF) members including their monthly posting, annual balance sheet and upto end of service EPF details have been fully computerized. Store-wise issue, receipt and balance of all 610 catalogued items have been put on computers.

In the wake of complaints, a EPF Number based system has been put in place to eliminate illegal availing of free units at more than one location by any employee. This system has totally stopped wrong practice and the consumption booked against WAPDA Employees has dropped by 20 %.A computer based system to monitoring the implementation status of Authority's decisions has also been operationalized to assist Secretary WAPDA.

In addition, processing of special reports for Authority and various WAPDA formations is carried out by the computer centers. The division-wise computerized receivable reporting and monitoring system providing twenty different arrears analysis reports have been expanded to provide tariff wise information. These reports have been further extended to support monitoring at the sub division level.

Performance data monitoring report reflecting various types of billing and consumers statistics has also been refined. To assist in procurement of quality hardware and software products, WCC is rendering valuable expert guidance to all WAPDA formations seeking help.

To consolidate the information from geographically distributed databases, the data communication facility available via WAPDA's Administrative Traffic Network in being used. The free facility is being used to transmit program and summarized data.

The filed formations are also being encouraged to use electronic mail facility available through Internet. Using backbone Fiber Optics and CISCO switches, in WAPDA House all floors of WAPDA House Lahore have been inter-linked enabling systematic sharing of hardware and information. An internal mail server and intranet website is developed for Authority information. Intranet web application contains the modules like Inventory for NTDC and Distribution stores, MIS reports, News, Notices, Projects, Books and Quran-e-Pak. 

To promote technical knowledge among the masses of this county, WAPDA Computer Centre also established two most modern computer training Institutes at Mingora (Swat) and Quetta. These institutes have now been shifted under the administrative control of PESCO and QESCO respectively. The technical courses are being constantly monitored and whenever required, changes are being made to keep them align with latest technology.