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My Favorite Things

Trevors Profile alias: Jeff Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please tell your friends! its WHAT I LOOK LIKE: i have long brown hair, brown eye's, im 5'3" and im not fat but im not skinny, im in the middle. MY INTERESTS: i like 2 build models cuz i am very creative, i like 2 draw listen 2 TMBG and, i like 2 sk8 but kinda suck, i like 2 golf and surf 2.oh ya, i also like 2 hang out w/ my friends. FAVROITE WEBSITE: just look at the sites i put below, i've got more but icouldnt put them. FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "a wet towel doesnt dry" -Trevor

My Favorite Web Sites

sims objects
buddy icons
games parodies
weebl and bob
chat rooms