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Language Resources


On this page I will post resources for my language, Tigerian.

Here you can download Microsoft Excel and Word files with lists of the various parts of speech, listed alphabetically, as well as other language guides. These will be updated regularly, as I add new words often.

This image: means a new or majorly updated item. I will not place them on the Excel spreadsheets because they are updated so often it would be of no use.

So here's the links:

Tigerian Dictionary - Complete wordlist, organized by part of speech.(updated 24 Dec 2002)

Pronounciation Guide (Updated 21 Feb 2003)

Tigerian Grammar - HTML (updated 4 Mar 2003)

Some Common Greetings in Tigerian (updated 15 August 2002).




You will notice that in Tigerian, two consonants are always separated by at least one vowel (Sh and Th are single consonants in Tigerian). In Tigeria, it is considered utterly barbarian to place two consonants next to each other, and such people are sometimes literally thrown out of town. The mere thought of two sequential consonants sickens most Tigerians. So keep that in mind if ever you should visit.