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Avihalli Phrases

In the beginning, there was Avihalli, "like water". It was my first attempt at the creation of a language. I never got past five pages of work before I gave it up for a short period of time. I have preserved these first five pages and have used them to construct a few sentences. I have tried to go back to the time of their creation to remember the rules I regulated them by. To the best of my ability, here are a few sentences in the language of Avihalli:

Note: The first three phrases are actual "vintage" Avihalli, made at the time I was creating the language.

Hadaneheha behad, Avamehamanha!
Die now, Evil One!
Mahannatha, Haimeha!
Greetings, Friend!
Hanyane ehi!
I love you!
Vehui, athahona haeha demava.
Yes, cats are good.
Ni nahena hawa ni dunemishanyana. Hawa ni nahenajona.
Note: The "sh" in dunemishanyana is an "s" and an "h", not an "sh."
My house is my home. It is my castle.
Ehi calheash hawa jotana. Heha jotana abos.
Your sword is strong. You are not strong.


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