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Latest News

Alyce trys her best, but she is one busy sheep! However, this page will be updated frequently with all the latest information, news and gossip.

Tensions between Monster & Sheep..
All had been going well between Alyce and her American Monster after their speedy get-together before Christmas... Edward was nowhere in sight, all the lambs kept out of their way, and there was so much talking to catch up on..

By Alyce began to fear that, in the fur, Helix was not all she had expected. A word or expression here and there.. Something wasn't adding up.. Then she caught him gently stroking one of the cats!

Now Alyce has taken to going on long walks, brooding..
Could it be that, after all this time, Alyce and Helix's relationship cannot stand the test of really being together? Could Helix have lied to her about anything? What is he thinking? Where will it all end?? Could - ....Alyce thinks she'd better lie down and rest her spinning, fluffy head..

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