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Meet Alyce's Family!

In case you have not yet met them, here are all the members of Alyce's family.

The most recognisable sheep is - Alyce The Sheep! Alyce runs this website, though her owner is forced to do a lot of the work, as Alyce has trotters which are not very adept at typing.


The newest and most important member of Alyces family now is HELIX, her monster husband from the US. Helix recently suprised Alyce by appearing in Penzance, where she lives, and professing his undying love! This made Alyce very happy..

Helix arrives..

Alyce used to be married to Edward but their relationship broke down totally after Alyce brought back one adopted lamb too many from her adventures in Poland. The Orange One might also have had something to do with the split, however...


Grandfather sheep, as you can see, is rather old. Although retired from bag-use now, (his zipper broke after a taxing load of library books were loaded into him) he continues to be a valuble and important part of the extened family!

Grandfather Sheep..the original and best

New addition! William was recently adopted by the flock, and is proving to be a quiet but delightful sheep in every way. Alyce especially is very taken with him, but hopes Lamb will not become jealous.


Last but not least, Lamb. Although his photo is larger than William's, his is very small! Lamb is still young, so is not yet a very interesting companion for his brother.

Baby Lamb

Slight tensions, above, at a typical breakfast time, but they all love each other really!

The ever expanding family will continue to be updated on this page...

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