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Alyce goes on holiday


Alyce managed to get out and about a lot last year! Click here to see Alyce in the local supermarket, trying to boycott lamb-buying customers by staring them down, and sniffing sadly over the - very dead - lamb steaks.

But apart from that, Alyce made two memorable journeys away from home this year. The first was to Dorset, to participate in the Natural Voice Camp 2002. Alyce made lots of new friends, and had a great time!

Posing with Josh

Alyce by the river..

Night bonfire

At the Voice Camp

But the furthest Alyce travelled this year was to Poland. She visited this facinating country in September, and for 2 weeks was treated like royalty, driven to many amazing places in the comfort of her own private taxi. The taxi driver and tour guide tried to make Alyce believe that this was because he was in fact a good friend of Alyce's owner Vicky, but Alyce didn't pay attention. Actions speak louder than words!

Haha! In the Beskidy mountains

Alyce on the chairlift...

High up, admiring the view

Alyce tries to make friends

A nice waterfall...

Rafal holds Alyce's trotter

Alyce in Poland

What lovely holidays!