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Bleating School

Learn to bleat with the expert - Alyce The Sheep!

Lesson 1

Its simple to start. We'll begin with some easy sounds. Just repeat what is written on the screen - take your time..

"I am hungry" - "beeeehhhh!!!"

"Excuse me, where are the toilets please?" - "Baaahh aaaagghh meehhh?"

"Is this a through road?" - "meehhh?"

"Hello there!" - "Baaaaaa!"

As you can see from these examples, bleating is already quite may have heard it passing by fields or pastures. Folllow Alyce's easy online course over the next months, and soon you, your family and your friends will be bleating like experts!

Lesson 2

Lets move on and begin to tackle some more difficult phrases - this week, how to hold your own in social situtations, be it at a nightclub or just getting a burger with some new sheep friends...

"Lets go!" - "Baa beeehhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnn!"

"Hi, are you new in town too?" - "Beehh?"

"Your fleece extensions are really cool!" - "Meeeeeeehhh bbeeh waaaaaaaaaaaaa beheehh!"

"I agree! - "Buuuurrrr!"

Lesson 3

Lets picture the scene; you've just been arrested, the officer is bleating something in your face and you can't understand a single word. Serious stuff. So here's how to get by, should you find yourself in any tricky situations;

"I swear I didn't do it, man!!" - "Buuh beeeeeeeeeeh baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

"Lets not get excited here" - "Beeehhhhh..."

"Unfortunately I don't seem to have the correct papers. Can I buy you a drink?" - "Beeeh?"

"Thank you very much indeed!" - "Buur baaaa beeh boohh!"

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