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~J3NN'$ H0m3Pag3~

Whats poppin??? My name is Jenn. Im 24 and live in berks county PA. Im 5ft 3, Blonde hair and hazle eyes. I have a 2 yrs old daughter named jasmine. I like spending time with My b/f and my daughter in my spare time. I also like clubbin, listening to music, crusin, shopping, chilling with friends, and watching movies.~~~~~~~~~~~Summers coming~~~~~~~~~~~~~time to start layin out and spending more time outside.... ="" To all my friends: jes....Rememeber all the good time up at memory lane and the kaska parties! May we have many more to share! ="" angie....I've known u since like what 7th grade now???? damnit its been soo long......went experienced alot of shit together, the wonderful gift of motherhood all around the same time! ="" chad....CHAD! You ok? Are u sure??? All that comes to mind is all the fricken drinking times down at the house in coaldale and chillin at the courts.... ="" brian....Thank you for always being there. I wish you the best with amiee and best wishes! Take care of your truck....speed safely!!!! HAHA ="" mike....your such a terd! But u are a great friend! ="" jeff....even though we have a daughter together you'll always have a place in my heart.(i can't believe im saying that) although you can be a royal pain in da ass sometimes.... ="" scott.... ="" donnie....COME BACK TO PA!!!!!! either that or send me a plane ticket to cali..i wanna come visit! Miss ya! ="" bethann.... ="" john....I LOVE UR CAR!!!but wheres the stang?? ="" lester.... ="" megan.... ="" My baby lance....5 months and going! I sometimes wonder if i fell and bumped my head or if you just fell out of heaven itself. ="" Jasmine....To my babygurl, ="" Mom.... ="" dad.... ="" Im memory of Harriet and Joseph Leymeister.....God! I miss you guys so much. ="" img //-->

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