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Mr. / Ms. Baltimore Eagle 2002 Contestant Information and Application

Contestant Registration Instructions
Contest will be held May 31, and June 1, 2002

Welcome Contestant.


Thank you for your interest in the Mr. / Ms. Baltimore Eagle 2002 contest. You are about to embark on an incredible journey. It is the commitment of those such as yourself to our community that makes any change possible.

This year the contest itself has undergone a few changes. We feel that these changes will better serve the community that this title represents while affording us an opportunity to revel in the pride of our diversity.

The contest will take place on May 31, and June 1, 2002 which will also be Baltimore Leather Pride weekend. June 1, 2002 will be Baltimore Leather Pride night, what better way to top off a night of celebrating who we are than with a contest to select two new individuals who will represent us and who we are.

Baltimore leather pride has been set up to be fun, and educational, as well as a venue to raise funds for organizations in Baltimore that lend support to Baltimore's gay community. All proceeds from the contest and other official leather pride events (auctions, raffles, etc...) will be donated to Aids Action Baltimore and the GLCCB. Both of these organizations pay special attention to Baltimores gay community.

Upon receipt of your completed application you will receive an intinerary of events including the information of where and when you as contestants will be expected.

Again, thank you, for your interest and for choosing to make a difference.

In Leather Pride,
Don Rowley
Manager, Baltimore Eagle
boy derick
President, Superboy Productions
Co-Producers Mr./Ms. Baltimore Eagle Contest 2002

Contestant Categories and descriptions

We have attempted to leave as much room for individual interpretations as possible but these are some basic guidelines just to keep in mind.

Personal Interview-100 points possible-
This is where the judges get a few minutes to find out about you and who you are. the focus of this interview isn't who did what when. Although it is important to know the history of our community we feel that it is MORE important to know the person that will hold the title.

Formal wear and introduction-75 points possible-
What would you wear to represent our community at a function such as, a Dinner with the Mayor,or a press conference. This category also includes an introduction category. Basically this means that you have ninety (90) seconds to speak, try to tell the judges and audience a little bit about yourself and why you are here.

Fetish wear and onstage question-50 points possible-
What makes you hot? What turns you on? Anything from a jockstrap to uniforms to rubber and beyond can constitute this category. What ignites your fantasies, and can it turn on the judges as well? (Please conform to local laws, and regulations)
the onstage question is just a fun question to lighten the mood and see how you can answer a question off the top of your head.

Fantasy-75 points possible-
Let us in to the dark depths of your minds, this is your opportunity to live out your fantasies.


Download Application In Word Format

Mr. / Ms. Baltimore Eagle Contestant Application.





Special needs:___________________________________________________________


Date of Birth:____________________



Hair Color:_____________________

Eye Color:_____________________

Body Hair (men):____________________

Body Modifications:______________________________________________________

Boot Size:________________________

Current Title:____________________

Previous Titles:____________________________________________________

Club Memberships:________________________________________________

Community Activities:_____________________________________________

Hanky Colors:____________________________________________________

Left__ Right__

Leather BDSM Fetish interests:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Biographical information
Please attach additional sheet for biographical information if necessary

I ____________________ agree to comply with all the rules and regulations set by The Baltimore Eagle contest and producers. I certify that all information I have provided on this form is accurate. I certify that I am 21 years of age or older and meet all of the qualifications specified in the attached statement. I understand that if I win the Mr. Baltimore Eagle / Ms. Baltimore Eagle contest I will be required to fulfill the duties of my title as established by the contest producers.

Signature_______________________________ Date___________________________

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