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Love for Sale August 15, 2002



What an amazing evening at the Baltimore Eagle. 


Baltimore’s Leather community really came out for this one!


The evening began with a cookout sponsored by the Shipmates of Baltimore, Baltimore’s oldest leather club.  Those guys really know how to throw a spread!  Everything from homemade potato salad, Cole slaw, and baked beans, to Burgers and hot dogs YUM YUM YUM!


Then there was the infamous wheel of torture, which was “manned” by members of FIST (Females Investigating Sexual Terrain) and one of our favorite Super boy’s, Michele Smith AKA Ms Baltimore Eagle 1999.  It was a huge roulette wheel designed by Baltimore’s newest transplant, and the newest member of Super boy Productions, Brian Harrison, who also happens to be Virginia Drummerboy 2001.  (Virginia’s loss has most certainly been Baltimore’s gain!)


Next to the Wheel of Torture, was what should truly be described as a torture scene, Maryland Mr. Drummer 2001 strapped into a St. Andrew’s Cross with an unbelievable amount of clothespins up and down his sweaty heaving body….oh yea sorry, got carried away.


Then there was boy Brian Harrison and his famous body shots or should we say infamous body shots, let’s just say if anyone wanted to lick a cub, this was their chance WOOF.  Ice cold grape pucker slurped right off of the boy.


Mr. Chesapeake bay bear Nick Porter, was there to lend a paw as well, working tirelessly pouring draft beers (I think he has done this before) and doing anything and everything else that was needed.  This is his first title and I must say, he put a lot of people to shame.  Congratulations to the Chesapeake bay bears on ONE FANTASTIC TITLEHOLDER, you should be proud!


International Drummerboy, Mark S. Greene, was sharp in his summer whites (navy uniform) selling the hell out of raffle tickets for a drawing to be held the following night for two tickets to the GLCCB’s Fall fund raiser.


Of course yours truly, was crawling around the floor, no I was not drunk this time, I was selling 50/50 raffle tickets.


It was already shaping up to be a fantastic evening, but these guys were not done yet!  The highlight of the evening, LOVE FOR SALE was still to come.  The Idea behind Love for Sale was to get some local and International celebrities, and auction them off complete with a lovely date to go to the highest bidders. 


Emcee’s Dan Noel and Sarah Humble AKA the Dynamic Duo, were in rare form and thanks to the generosity of so many, it was really fantastic.  For those of you who could not make it, here is the rundown.


Auctionee number one was none other than one of the organizers of the GLCCB’s Fall fundraiser “Outrageous” Mr. Randy Knepper.  He was auctioned off along with Dinner for two at the Circuit 911 on Charles street as well as two tickets to Saturday night’s Harley Davidson On the road tour concert.


Number two was none other than the GLCCB President Tim Hurley, along with his “Guaranteed Second date Cheesecake

as well as Dinner at the fabulous Red Maple, on Charles Street, and two tickets to Friday nights Harley Davidson on the road tour concert.  Tim  “take your shirt off” Hurley made quite the impression.


On a side note Tim, while we are all sure the Cheesecake is great, I am thinking that is not the reason you get the second date,


Third up was International Drummerboy 2001 Mark S. Greene.  Mark came dressed in Drummer fashion:  Jockstrap by BIKE $8.00 , boots courtesy of the United states navy, Mark Greene … Priceless.   His date included dinner for two at the Brass Elephant and two tickets to the Harley Davidson concert for Friday night.


Fourth was Virginia Drummerboy 2001, Brian Harrison, whose date included two tickets to the Harley concert for Friday, Dinner for two at Remomo’s Italian Café at Arundel mills Mall, and two tickets to Muvico Theatres at Arundel Mills Mall.


I was the fifth freak down the Chute, yes now I can say I sold my ass for charity.  I did come with dinner for two at Remomo’s as well and two movie tickets courtesy of Muvico Theatres, as well as two tickets to the Harley Davidson Concert on Sunday (Where Tim Hurley, who bought me, and I plan to eat Cheesecake off of Billy Idol’s ass.)


Sixth was Ms. Highest Bid herself, Ms. Baltimore Eagle Annie Carroll.  Who with Dinner for two at Hamburger Mary’s in DC and 2 tickets to the Harley concert on Saturday, sold for the highest amount of the evening.  I demand a recount!


Seventh was Annie’s Partner in crime, Mr. Baltimore Eagle Roland Scheuber, who came with a $30.00 Gift certificate to BEST buy, Dinner for two at Hamburger Mary’s and two tickets to Saturday’s Harley concert.


Eighth up was Mr. Chesapeake Bay Bear, Nick.  First of all…WOOF.  He went with Dinner for two at the Mt Vernon Stable, and two tickets to Friday nights Harley Davidson Concert.


Ninth was our own MD Leather Sir Marc Anderson, first runner up to the Mid Atlantic Leather Sir title.  Dinner for two at     and two tickets to Friday nights Harley Davidson Concert.


Finally David “Sushi” Judi was auctioned off with a Brass elephant bar tab and promises of a  fantastic evening….hmmmmm we want pictures!


Those were all the scheduled auctionees, although there is a rumor that Thom Callan, AKA Trina, was trying to auction himself off with a  dinner for two at McDonald’s and two movie passes to the Bush River bookstore on Route 40, those are unsubstantiated at this time.


It was a really great time for all, and a final total will be known after tomorrow nights Blackout Party at the Eagle but it looks like well over a thousand dollars at this time.


Well Sirs, boys, pups, slaves, and all of you who fall somewhere in between until next time, stay out of trouble… unless you can take pictures.