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Holy Balogna Jumble of pictaroons.

We gots ourselves a couple Quebec pics to start off , way back from March... then we jump to th end of the summer then head into fall and continue on....

WARNING: pictures are extremely large

at the dag

having OUR party in the hotel bathroom

at the dag

stoned out of our tree

me and candace laaaded @ prom

seb and I at jakes i think

and this perfectly describes Em and Jeff, always having a good time, they're normal in their abnormality

Holy huge boobs, Jade! aha

Sam and Emily tubing at SAms cottage

Me and RAY RAY haha

The girls on Jades birthday

group pic with Whitey, note jades freakishly large boobs again.

The girls all geting frisky with White's fur penis

Sam, Kris, Em and Jen @ Ems

Me and PA, apparently we look like sisters.

Me and Kristen =)

Em Jen and Jade (red=drunk) thansgiving weekend

And finally, Kristen and Jen pointing at the mysterious weiner that was just hanging out on the sidewalk.

Welcome to the CHEESE PARTY

Behind door #1? We have...

Emily, Tupper, Brandon & Ashley striking a pose

ohh k. and the results of the cheese war: cheesey hair


Me and LARA

Me and Emily with our pants on our heads

Meanwhile in the living room...

Timmay... passed out on the couch

Unconscious boy on couch... = ride him Em.

Me Sam and Jen stoned out of our tree

Jade Jen and Sam posin all perdy

Hahaha me and laura making dough for our giant penis ginger cookie in our homemade garbage bag aprons.

New Years

Me and Jen

first stop-West/Sperry/Thextons. Trace & Stew

Me and JG


Rob&Josh :)

Corkum actually passed out briefly at 10:30 on New years. haha

Next Stop:some random formal south end party with..

Bailey (lookin spiffy haha) ...


Dan and Em