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CD Storage Case





This item is unique in that it is not only a case that allows you to store multiple discs but also to file them away using any filing system you wish. You can use a color coding system since it comes in 3 colors or any other system that you might wish. It also comes with a label so that you can label each case individually.

It has triangular grooves on the top 4 corners for easy stacking with metal rings inside to fit in plastic slips for the discs. Each slip can fit in 2 discs.

* Durable and stackable
* Virtually unbreakable
* Designed for easy portability
* Molded from soft, pliable plastic
* Greatly increased storage space

Colors: Blue, Yellow, Pink

Size: Fits standard CDs and DVDs

Dimensions: 7.75"(l) x 6"(w) x 2"(h)

Capacity: 20 CDs

Price: Case - US$ 5.00 each
          Slips - US$ 7.00 a pack of 50

Shipping: Postal service or UPS. Costs depend on size of order. Please email us for a quote.

Payment: Cash, Mastercard, Visa

Guarantee: 100% refund if merchandise is returned in good condition within 30 days of receiving the merchandise.

To order email: Bulk orders are welcome. Please email for volume discounts.

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