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The History of Lord Stanley

Hockey Rules!

Players skate eighty-two games over six months just to get an opportunity to play in the Stanley Cup playoffs and hold the cup when it's all done. They start with thirty-two and in the middle of April the top eight teams in both conferences get a chance to battle it out in a best of seven series to see who will make it to the next round. Finally, in the beginning of June the Stanley Cup is carried around the ice by one team....THEY ARE THE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!

2003New Jersey Devils/Anaheim Ducks
2002Detroit Red Wings
2001Colorado Avalance
2000New Jersey Devils
1999Dallas Stars
1998Detroit Red Wings
1997Detroit Red Wings
1996Colorado Avalance

The Road to the Cup:

  1. 1st Round
  2. Conference Semifinals
  3. Conference Finals
  4. Stanley Cup Finals

Facts about the Cup:

  1. Oldest professional trophy
  2. Over 100 years old
  3. Purchased for $50
  4. Donated by Frederick Arthur
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