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The Dominican Republic: Home of Sammy Sosa

Samuel Peralta Sosa was born in San Pedro de Macrois, Dominican Republic on November 12, 1968.  He grew up shining shoes and selling orange juice for extra money.  He played baseball with a tree limb bat, a milk carton glove and a ball made of a sock wrapped in tape.

The Texas Rangers discovered the 16-year-old slugger and brought him to the states.  His stay in Texas ran out of promise quickly, but his career has taken off since he became a Cub.  Even as a very successful big leaguer, Slamminí Sammy hasnít forgotten his roots.  Similarly, the inhabitants of his island havenít forgotten number 21 either.

Sammy seldom receives the opportunity to return to his island home but the Dominican Republic feels his presence in other ways.  During his historic 1998 season, Hurricane George devastated the Caribbean island.  In response, Sammy sent thousands of pounds of food and water to the victims.  He also helped rebuild the islandís houses.

The Dominican Republic regards Sammy Sosa as a legend.  His play has put the island on the map and generated a fan base that stretches far outside the city of Chicago.

This site has no affiliation with Sammy Sosa or the Chicago Cubs, it is simply a fan site.