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VirtuaNES Movies

Step-by-step guide:

1) Download VirtuaNES/Wizards and Warriors file listed below. Save it to a folder and unzip it.
2) Download the movies that you wish to see and save them into the same folder.
3) Find the appropriate ROMs online and save them into the same folder.
4) Open the VirtuaNES program. (copyright 2001-2003 Norix)
5) Press Ctrl+O (letter O), then select the ROM that you want to load. You can also open the ROM through the "File" menu.
6) Once the ROM is loaded, press Alt+P (the number P ... *grins*), then select the movie that you wish to watch. You can also load the movie by using the "Edit" menu and clicking on "Movie" and then clicking on "Replay".
7) During playback of the movie, press "P" to pause and "P" again to unpause. "Alt+S" stops the movie. "Alt+M" displays movie info, such as rerecords, total time, and total frames used.

VirtuaNES + Wizards and Warriors Video -- the emulator program required to watch all of these videos + a 17 minute 20 second Wizards and Warriors completion. This is my favorite movie. It's fast-paced, fun to watch, and is a clean run (no emulator tricks like save states or slower framerate, just skill and skill alone)

Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing -- Completion of the 16 track World Grand-Prix Series in 58 minutes 42 seconds.

Arkanoid -- Completion of all 33 levels in around 12 minutes

Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle -- Completion of all 60 levels in around 7 hours (or maybe it's 45 minutes but just seems like 7 hours)

Championship Bowling -- a 300 game in under 4 minutes.

Deadly Towers -- Completion of the game in around 26 minutes. Let me explain the horror that is Deadly Towers. First off, it should be called Deadly Ladders and Stairs. Getting on and off ladders is nearly impossible without written permission from God. Sometimes there is a smidge of floor next to a ladder that is too narrow to actually walk across. So you have to wiggle your way until Myer magically gets sucked into the ladder by the power of Greyskull. The evil creatures make no sense. Bats and vampires sure ... but blue balls? Puddles of water? Blue goldfish that live in caves? They have random defense also. Sometimes a bat takes 5 hits, sometimes it takes 10. A spider might take 20 hits then the next time only 2 hits. As a general rule, every monster is just a little faster than you thought it was. Enemies sometimes disappear when you hit them, but they still hurt you. After they die, if you walk into the stuff that spews out of them ... you get damaged more than if they were alive.

Your hit points (100-200) are irrelevant since everything kills you in about 3 hits anyway, and bosses kill you instantly if you run into them, which you will. When you walk through doors, enemies will be right on top of you and if you are lucky you'll have the reflexes to kill them in the .000001 seconds you have to turn and fire. All of the cool items and weapons are in hidden dungeons which have random layouts and tougher enemies. Hence, you'll never get to use them. You collect "ludder" which is like money, only to spend it you need to fall into a secret dungeon, fight 400 enemies, walk in circles for an hour and then pay the shop guy like 5,000 for a sword that is 1/1,000,000th better than the one you have. And what in the name of Alexander Graham is with all those Bells? The whole plot is about bells. When you beat bosses they give you bells. At the end of the game bells fall from the sky. Not that you'd notice that since you'd be dead long before you got there. No human could ever possibly beat this game on their own, and no one would want to anyway. The great thing about this movie is that for 26 minutes, it tricks your brain into thinking that those bats are killable, that those ladders have good collision detection, that those bosses are beatable, and that maybe ... just maybe ... this isn't "that" bad of a game. Don't be fooled though. The movie is good ... the game is PURE EVIL.

Final Fantasy -- From the title screen to the death of Chaos in 3 hours and 50 minutes. My party was Fighter/Fighter/Red Mage/Red Mage and all 4 characters ended up at level 15. I had never played the game prior to making the video. My goal was to make the shortest video, with all of the leveling up near the beginning (so the end would be all action), and the absolute least amount of time spent in menu's as possible, since those are dull to look at. I think the video turned out as close to those goals as possible.

Friday the 13th -- Completion of the game in under 5 minutes. I was going to try and make another video with a faster time, possibly under 4 minutes, but then I realized that I hate this game and gave up :) ... still a fairly decent movie.

Hogan's Alley -- Resetting the score (over one million points) in the Trick Shot part of Hogan's Alley. The first few levels the 'cans' move slowly so I played normally. In the later levels the 'cans' speed up a lot and so I used save states and such. 40 levels completed in under 15 minutes (the last 12 levels are impressive, the first 28 are ... tolerable).

Hydlide -- Completion of one of the stupidest games in rpg history ... in under 30 minutes. Note -- this is the only game in history where a characters defense gets WORSE as he levels up.

Karnov -- Karnov, demented Mario Brothers gone awry. This is actually a fun game to play. All 9 levels completed in under 11 minutes.

Legend of Kage -- 2 minute 10 second completion of all 4 levels. The game then repeats those 4 levels over and over a few times. Just when I thought Hydlide was stupid ... along came Legend of Kah-gay!

Nes Open Tournament Golf -- A 15 minute completion of the USA Course with a score of 48 (24 under par). 12 birdies, 6 eagles. Only emulator trick used was slower framerate speed.

Paperboy 2 -- Using a papergirl and playing on route 666, I perfect days one and two. Then I realize that this game just keeps repeating the same level over and over ala Legend of Kah-gay. So the tape just stops. On the minus side, it's not a "complete" movie. On the plus side, it's very short and a chick in a bikini gets sprayed with water :)

Smash TV -- 1 hour completion of this insanely difficult game without taking a hit.

Three Stooges -- Completion of the game with the best ending in 17 minutes.

Track & Field 2 -- 41 minute completion of Olympic Mode, which goes through each of the 12 events twice plus 2 bonus events. I win all 12 gold medals with a lot of perfect scores. No emulator tricks were used.

Vegas Dream -- Breaking the bank at $10,000,000 in 4 minutes. I also loaned a black guy a couple of bucks which somehow made it on the news (uhm, that isn't a joke, *shrugs*).

Videomation Belle -- Videomation is a "paint" game that lets you draw pictures as if you were using a "paint" program. The drawback is that you have to draw with either a) a controller or b) the keyboard. This is quite nearly impossible to do. Imagine trying to draw pictures on a crappy Nintendo program with a clunky control pad. This file is me drawing Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) naked, sprawled on a ... couch ... thing. Well it might be a couch :) anyway. 8 minute video, contains aimless goofing off at the end.

Videomation Link (from Zelda) -- Videomation drawing of Link, from the Legend of Zelda game series. 1 minute 30 second video. Yes, Link's ear looks like a pine tree and sure ... he does appear to have a trout on his head ... but it's worth 90 seconds of your life to see it :)

Videomation Marvin the Martian -- 90 second drawing of Marvin holding a gun and standing before a pile of ash, which is all that remains of Bugs Bunny.

Videomation Snoopy -- 90 second version of what appears to be Snoopy doing a pawstand on a pommel horse.

The End.


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