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Written by Mark Verheiden
Directed by
James Frawley

   Tina Greer was born with a bone problem... but her problems were soon solved the meteor shower. She Also develops the power to morph into different shapes. She morphs into Lex and robs a bank. When her mom finds out her mother "accidentally" falls to her death. This girl is obsessed with Lana so much that she wants to become Lana Lang. She morphs into Lana and gets a kiss from Clark and Whitney. She also captures Lana and locks her in a tomb.

   In Clark's life he has recently been having these headaches which gives him x-ray vision. He slowly learns to focus his eyes. One of Clark's highlights in this episode is that he gets to see Lana changing in the the girl's locker room. This power also allows him to see Tina when she has morphed.

   In the end Clark and Tina have a fight in the grave yard (Tina has morphed into Whitney at this time). Clark stops Tina. He uses his X-ray vision to see Lana trapped in a tomb and he saves Lana. (finally he gets the girl!)