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It's what you've been waiting for... SPOILERS!!!!!


Air Date: - February or March, 2002
Written By: - ?
Directed By: - ?
Guest Stars: - Kelly Brook (Victoria), Shawn Ashmore (Eric), don't know the name (Sir Harry Hardwick)

Clark and a classmate named Eric are both struck by lightning. This causes Clark's powers to be transfered to Eric, and as Eric gets stronger, Clark gets weaker.

Eric's parents want their son to be examined in Metropolis, but their reaction to their son's new powers is much different to that of Clark's parents.

Sir Harry Hardwick and his daughter Victoria (Kelly Brook) try to recruit Lex for their business in Metropolis.

Clark gets injured and ends up in the hospital. Lex is surprised when the doctor tells him that Clark's condition is "nothing out of the ordinary."

Lex tells Clark he thinks he's more than a "simple farm boy."

Clark's spaceship will be seen again in this episode.

Lana is wearing her necklace again! Too bad for Clark!


Air Date: - February or March, 2002
Written By: - ?
Directed By: - ?
Guest Stars: - ?

Whitney Fordman apparently works at his parents' department store.

A bunch of jocks that weren't too successful after high school have formed some kind of gang and they want Whitney to join.

The gang burglarizes the Smallville bank and the Luthor mansion. But they get carried away when they decide to blackmail Lex Luthor.

The gang believes that Lex has some sort of "money pit."

Clark arranges for Chloe to interview Lex. Although her questions get a but too rough for Lex when she starts to ask about Level 3 and things of the sort.

Something happens to Chloe and she is sent to the hospital.

Pete accuses Clark of "channeling Chloe" when Clark decides to investigate the Bank


Air Date: - ?
Written By: - ?
Directed By: - ?
Guest Stars: - Neil Patrick Harris (Jude Boyce), Cameron Dye (Sam Phelan)

This episode will apparently revolve around Lex's history. About time, huh!? It basically shows you more about his past. They also show some of the things that went on at Club Zero in Metropolis.

This episode will also have "flashbacks," which will show a well know corrupt investigator we've seen before.

A young man named Jude Boyce, knew Lex years before in Metropolis. He shows up in Smallville and warns Lana by telling her that Lex Luthor is bad news. But also, Jude was apparently shot and killed in Club Zero years ago....confusing.

Jude was married to a woman named Amanda. After Jude died, she fell into a depression which led to even worse things. Her brother visits Smallville to take revenge at Lex, blaming the Club Zero incident and his sister's depression on him.

Clark decides to go to Metropolis, and go to Club Zero, which has been shut down for years.

Episode #15- "Nicodemus"

Air Date: - ?
Written By: - ?
Directed By: - ?

Guest Stars- Joe Morton (Dr. Hamilton)

Something's going on at Level Three of the fertilizer plant again.

The pollen from a "Nicodemus flower" treated at Level Three inspires behavioral changes in those who come into contact with it. One person whose behavior is changed is Jonathan Kent. This leads to a confrontation between Jonathan and someone from the Smallville Savings & Loan who is making sure the Kents' payment is on time. (Don't want Boss to foreclose on the farm, ya know!)

Clark might be getting shot yet again.

Lana's back to waitressing again. Didn't she learn the first time that that may not be a good idea? She *might* be waitressing at the movie theater mentioned in the "Hug" spoilers.

Dr. Hamilton (from "Craving") makes a return appearance. He might even have some interaction with Chloe.

 The flower has a connection to something from 129 years ago, so perhaps its strange effects are not the result of Kryptonite.
Source: ScarecrowVille and Kryptonsite