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Written by Mark Verheiden
Directed by David Carson

   This is the first episode where Clark didn't have to face a Kryptonite villain.... The episode starts off with Clark in metropolis where he saves a homeless man from an out of control bus. Clark thinks that no one saw him but there was one witness... a rouge cop named Faylinn. 

   Faylinn tries to blackmail Clark into working form him. The first task Clark has to do is steal some Internal Affairs files from a safe located in the apartment of the Head of  Internal Affairs. Clark double crosses Faylinn and drops the safe on top of his car. Faylinn gains revenge on Clark by framing Jonathan for murder. Lex is also interested in what information Faylinn is using against Clerk.

   Another major event in this episode is that Victoria, an ex-love of Lex, comes back to see him to take over Luthor Corp. In turn Lex proposes a deal to take over both her company and Luthor Corp.

   In the end Faylinn makes a deal with Clark to steal a breastplate that belonged to Alexander the Great from the Metropolis museum. On their way to Metropolis Lex follows them to see what information Faylinn has on Clark. Clark betrays Faylinn again and throws the breastplate into the street. Clark discovers he is "faster than a speeding bullet" when he dodges bullets shot by Faylinn. When the police come Faylinn gets shot and dies. The episode ends with Lex watching a security tape with a dark haired person moving at an extremely high speed.