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Written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar
Directed by David Nutter

   The Pilot episode basically begins with a horrible meteor shower hitting the quaint small town of Smallville. The meteors kill the parents of a small young girl named Lana Lang. From this chaos rose a hero who's space ship just happened to crash into the a truck belonging to Jonathan and Martha Kent. They adopted the son and named him Clark.

  Twelve years after the meteor shower we catch up with Clark who is now attending Smallville High with his high school crush Lana Lang, who she can't get near because she is wearing a necklace made from Kryptonite. We also meet two of his friends... Chloe Sullivan and Pete Ross. Pete and Clark try to join the high school football team, however Clark's father won't let him due to his extraordinary abilities. We also see that Clark has not fully developed all his powers.

   With a strike of luck or perhaps misfortune Clark gets hit by Lex Luthor's Porsche. Clark saves Lex's life and their friendship begins. We also find out that  Jonathan Kent isn't too found of the Luthors. Clark finds out that he is from another planet and runs away and meets up with Lana  who is "visiting" her parents. This is the first time him and her have an actual conversation.

   The "villain" in this episode is Jeremy Creek who was exposed to a meteor during the meteor shower. at Smallville high there is a tradition where the biggest loser in school is hung like a scarecrow and paint a giant "S" on his chest, right before the home coming game. Twelve years ago it was Jeremy and now it is Clark. Whitney (Lana's BF) gets jealous of Clark and Lana walking together, so he puts Lana's necklace around Clark which weakens him and string him up like a scarecrow. In the end Clark is saved by Lex and Clark stops Jeremy from getting revenge on the school. Clark may not of gotten Lana but he did get a dance with her.... in his head....