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Before Superman, before Metropolis, and before Lois Lane... there was Smallville... Welcome to Every Hero Has A Beginning... This is a site dedicated to The WB's new Hit TV show Smallville... Enjoy...  


FINALLY!!!!!! I am back so I will be updating alot!

Added more trailers and Spoilers and Some news

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Added "Shimmer" trailer to Episodes section and added "Shimmer" song list to music.. Added Downloads page with an exclusive interview with Kristin Kreuk... Click here

Added Episodes and spoiler pages and Some news


Smallville's princesses

This month ABC will be airing TV movies featuring Princess's... and lucky for us 2 of them are from Smallville. As you know Kristin Kreuk will play snow white on March 17, but on March 10th Azura Sky (obsessive girl from Shimmer) will be on Confessions of an Ugly Sister.
Confessions of an Ugly Sister Site
Snow White ABC site


For Valentine's Day send your Valentine...Smallville

Recently The WB has issued Valentine's Day E-Cards that feature Smallville. To check out the cards and other cards Click Here

Source: The WB

Smallville on The Cover of Rolling Stone

The March 8th edition of Rolling Stone Magazine will feature Smallville... very little is known about who will be on the cover but rumor has it that it will have Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk and Micheal Rosenbaum.

Source: Scarecrowville and Kryptonsite       

Smallville Nominated for Weinberg Honor  

Hollywood publicists have nominated Smallville for the Weinberg Honor award with other shows such as Alias and CSI. The winner will be chosen on March 20th at the 39th annual publicists awards.

Source: Scarecrowville and SmallvilleNews           

Hottie on Ice!? 

Yesterday Michael Rosenbaum (aka: Lex Luthor) played Hockey at the NHL All-Star Celebrity Challenge... He played with stars such as David Boreanaz (Angel), Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek), Kiefer Sutherland (24), Brendan Fehr (Roswell), and Cuba Gooding Jr. (Men of Honor).... Unfortunately I wasn't there to watch the game... but ScarecrowVille went....Michael's team, the bad boys, beat the heroes 11-10.... "He shoots he Scores!"          
Celebrity Challenge Article @
ScarecrowVille's Article with pictures

Source: Scarecrowville and 

Interview with Sam Jones III and Alfred Gough 

Recently The WB has done an interview with Alfred Gough is Executive producer and Co-writer for Smallville. In other news Sam Jones III talks to comics continuum about Smallville and the secret "professional basket ball player" on the set.... 
Interview with Alfred Gough
Interview with Sam Jones III 

Source: Scarecrowville &

Kristin Kreuk #1 and Tom Welling #3

Well you heard it here first.... in the Creative Artists Directory's top 20 young actors and actresses vote... Tom Welling got third in the young male actors division coming right after Josh Hartnett and Elijah Wood. If you thought that was impressive, you should know that Kristin Kreuk came in first place in the top 20 young female actresses!!! She beat Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba  just to name a few of her competitors.... Way to go Kristin and Tom!!!!!!!!!!   
Kristin Kreuk in 1st Place
Tom Welling in 3rd Place 

Rouge Re-aired and Shimmer Still the Same

Rouge will be re-aired on Monday, January the 28th on The WB in replace of Angel... you better watch it this time incase you missed it before and Shimmer will be on it's regular schedule which is Tuesday January 29, 2002.

Source: Scarecrowville

Smallville on the Cover of TV GUIDE: Canadian Edition Eh!?

Being a Canadian myself I am so proud to see Smallville on the cover of TV Guide. The article features the top 5 shows you are not watching. I don't know too much about the article but I believe it has to do with the fact that we don't get The WB in Canada, however recently it has started airing on The Can west Global television network. So hopefully us Canadians can catch up eh!?
Cover Picture 

Source: Kryptonsite Scarecrowville

Snow White News

As you may know the ever so beautiful Kristin Kreuk will be on the upcoming ABC special movie "Snow White which is said to air on March 17,2002... recently they have released the trailer, pictures and check it out!

CAST: Miranda Richardson | Tom Irwin | Vera Farmiga | Clancy Brown | Vincent Schiavelli | Warwick Davis | Kristin Kreuk
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Robert Halmi, SR. Robert Halmi, JR.
PRODUCED BY: Matthew O'Connor | Caroline Thompson
WRITTEN BY: Caroline Thompson | Julie Hickson

IRECTED BY: Caroline Thompson 
Synopsis of Snow White
Snow White Trailer
Snow White pictures

Source: Scarecrowville

Go behind the scenes with Kristin Kreuk, Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum 

Want to know who chooses Tom Welling's clothes? or what Kristin Kreuk's dating status is? How about what Michael Rosenbaum thinks about being bald? Then check out their interviews in "The Art of Being" on The WB website.
Michael Rosenbaum's Interview
Tom Welling's Interview
Kristin Kreuk's Interview

Source: The WB