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Written by Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld
Directed by Michael Watkins

   A former worker at Luthor Corp. named Earl Jenkins was caught in an explosion in a secret level known as Level 3. The reason for all the secret is because in that level they are using secret fertilizers that contain kryptonite. After the explosion the Kryptonite got under his skin and gave him the Jitters. Jitters is basically him shaking really fast.

  Earl wants to get better so badly that he holds the Luthor Corp. Plant hostage with Clark's class inside. Clark wants to save the day but he can't because the Kryptonite under Earl's skin is weakening him. Lex goes in to negotiate with Earl so that the kids can be released. Lex, Clark and Earl find Level 3. In the end Clark has to fight his weakness against Kryptonite to save Lex and Earl.

  The last scene is Clark getting huge hug from his family and Lex is watching him in a jealous manner while his father gives him a fake hug....