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Written by Doris Egan
Directed by Chris Long

   Lana, Clark and Pete go to volunteer at a senior citizen's home where they meet up with an old lady named Cassandra Carver. She first seems like a regular person, but she has the abilities to see the future. She gained this power after a meteor had blinded her 12 years ago. She predicts that everyone close to Clark will die.

   Lana takes an old man named Harry Volk for a walk. He falls into a small river filled with kryptonite and he turns young. What most people don't know about Harry is that he was once convicted for murder. Now the young Harry is on the loose trying to kill the "future" of the jurors who convicted him. This means he is after all the juror's children which includes Jonathan Kent.

   Near the end when Clark is searching for Harry, Cassandra makes a prediction that it is Clark's destiny to help people. Clark stops the young Harry as he is trying to kill Martha Kent.

   In the end Lex tries to see what the future has for him by visiting Cassandra. She sees him becoming the president of the united states and also sees him becoming evil. Before she cal tell Lex his future she dies.....