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Written by Greg Walker
Directed by Greg Beeman

   Walt Arnold has been the coach at Smallville High for 20 years. It has been his dream to win his 200th game. But he has more than just the power to be a good coach. His sauna contains meteor rocks that give him the power to start fires when he is angry. 

    Principal Kwan confronts Walt with the shocking information that he has been providing test papers to the football team. To get even with Kwan, Walt lights his car on fire... but luckily Clark was there to save Principal Kwan. Chloe starts to investigate the cheating case.... she also gains photographic evidence that Coach Arnold has these powers. Coach finds out about her from a player and lights her office on fire... she was also saved by the heroic Clark Kent. 

   In the social side of this story Clark gets a chance to join the football team against his father's will... but to Clark's misfortune Lana quits the cheerleading squad to work part time at the "Beanerie". 

   In the end Clark gets thrown into the sauna full of kryptonite. Clark's father saves him and Clark confronts Coach Arnold. Coach Arnold's rage leads to his own demise when he can't control his powers and he explodes. After that Clark quits the team and him and Lana have a good scream!