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Written by Michael Green
Directed by
Phil Sgriccia

   It's Lana's 16th Birthday and it seems that her party will be the social event of the year... especially to an overweight girl named Jodi. She is so obsessed with looking good for Lana's party that she begins to only eat herbal drinks made from the plants that grow in her garden. What she doesn't know is that the plants have been growing in kryptonite. She first looses the weight instantly... but due to the weight loss she has a craving to eat anything she can get her hands on... even people. 

   After loosing the weight she asks Pete if he would like to be her escort because he was the only one who always stood up for her. Pet says yes of coarse. Pete isn't the only one with a hot date... Whitney left for a football try out which gave Clark a perfect chance the ask her if he could be her "escort".

In the end as usual Clark left Lana by herself at her party to save Pete from being devoured. The only good thing was right at the end when Clark took Lana to a "Drive-in" to watch Bugs Bunny cartoons.