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Written by Michael Green
Directed by Jim Contner

   On top of a frozen lake,  in Smallville there was a huge high school party going on. At first this party seems normal, but things change when Sean Kelvin, a football player, falls into the lake and the water freezes on top of him. Most people would have died but Sean's body chemistry changes with the kryptonite and now he is forever doomed to stay cool. He goes on a rampage trying to collect body heat from former girl friends, and this includes Chloe, who he met at the party.

  With some help from Lex, Clark gets the courage to ask out Lana to a Radio head concert in Metropolis. Lex also provides a Limo. But due to Clark's heroics he leaves Lana to save Chloe.

  After saving Chloe Clark meets up with Sean again who freezes Clark. So far this has been the only villain who has been able to disable Clark. In the end Clark throws Sean into a lake from the rage that Sean had given him. Sean's inability to control the amount of heat he takes in the lake freezes over. 

   In the end Clark tries to ask Lana out again but she turns him down. Out of nowhere Clark asks her why she is going out with Whitney. She says that whenever she needs him he is always there.... and leaves Clark in the middle of the halway standing still.....