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                                                                              Simran's Webpage


My name is Simran and this is my website. I have just started to build up my website. When it is complete this website will have pictures, games, music, toys and many different kinds of websites. You also can learn about me. If you want to; you can sign in to be a member in our club. If you want to send me an email you will be able to send me one. I will be very happy if you send me an email. This website is very very fun I hope you will have fun with this website.




This is a picture of a sunset. The dark red color is so lovely and I like this so much. As you can see the birds look like in "Y" shape in the sky.

My Web Links:

They are cool!! Check it out.

Cartoon Network


Nick Jr.

My School:  St. Teresa Elementary school, Edmonton, CANADA


I Love puppies:




I love playing piano and I go to piano lessons once a week.



I also attend TAE-KWON-DO classes three times a week. My other hobbies are to swim, skate and read books.

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