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Mr Fowler

Home Town Amersham in Buckinghamshire
Secondary Education Dr. Challoners Grammar School
Higher Education St. Johns College,. York, Geography & Principles and Practice of Education (Cert.Ed. B. Ed)
Other Work Assistant to Divisional Manager, Agricultural Central Trading Ltd.(1967 - 1971)
Family Details Married with two children, a son working as a Systems Analyst and a daughter costing a fortune at Leeds University
Interests Hobbies Keep fit, classical music, good food and wine.
Likes Suffolk, Suffolk and Suffolk again… and the Adnams beers brewed there
Dislikes Marking !
Ambitions To lose at least one double chin and run the London Marathon in under four hours
Favourite Quote or saying Thank God it’s Friday
Year Started at Kettlethorpe 1975
Responsibilities at KHS Head of Geography, Health & Safety, and Site Management

Mr Gray

Home Town Alnwick, Northumberland
Secondary Education Duke’s School, Alnwick
Higher Education Leicester University.. Geography (BA. Hons)Sheffield University..PGCE
Other Work Social Work, Cardiff 1979 - 1981
Family Details One of four
Interests Hobbies Walking, boating and sports
Likes The outdoors. A good book & Sunday mornings reading the papers
Dislikes Housework – so I am told
Ambitions To visit as many of the World’s 193 countries as possible…. 13 down 180 to go!
Favourite Quote or saying “Roll on Retirement!”
Year Started at Kettlethorpe 1983
Responsibilities at KHS Second in Geography Department Assistant Head of Year

Mrs palmer

Leaving in three weeks

Home Town Penistone
Secondary Education Penistone Grammar School
Higher Education I.M. Marsh P.E. College, Liverpool
Family Details Married with three adult children
Interests Hobbies Walking, shopping, photography, painting and gardening
Likes Socialising & Chocolate
Dislikes Baked beans, litter & arrogance
Ambitions To travel to as many different parts of the world as possible and to effectively learn a foreign language
Favourite Quote or saying “There is nothing you cannot achieve if you want it enough”
Year Started at Kettlethorpe 1986
Responsibilities at KHS Gifted & Talented and Special Needs within Geography

Ms Hattersly

Home Town Sheffield
Secondary Education Stockbridge High School Loxley Tertiary College
Higher Education University of Birmingham.Geography & Planning (BSOCsC. PGCE)
Other Work Author for Heinemann Publishing
Family Details 1 cat (no relation to Roy)
Interests Hobbies Scuba diving, travel and conservation work
Likes Curry and anything to do with the sea.
Dislikes Having to nag people about homeworks !!!
Ambitions To live and travel abroad To write a novel
Favourite Quote or saying “Only regret what you never do”
Year Started at Kettlethorpe 1976
Responsibilities at KHS Head of Citizenship (2003 -+ 2004) KS4 Coordinator of PSHCE


Ms G Fletcher

She is a tutor of many for 10K2. She is nice but you don't want to get on the wrong side of her.

Mrs Bebbington

from what I hear she's nice

Miss Hutton

she's nice but she can shout really lowed.

Mr gratarex

he is funny and a brillient teacher

I don't really know anything about her. I don't even know her name

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