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Kancho Sullivan began karate in 1964, at the age of 17.

He trained in the styles of GOJUKAI and KEISHINKAN and got his first Dan in 1970 and his 2nd Dan in Japan in 1971.

From here he decided to create his own club which would be a blend of the two styles he had learnt plus some of his own techniques he had accumulated through his life while training in martial arts.

He founded the club that we know of as Go-Kan-Ryu Karate. Which started in Adelaide, South Australia in 1984. With the help of his management skills he helped develop that small club into the club it is today.

When GKR first started they had great success at the South Australian Karate Federation Annual Tournament in 1986,87 and 88.

So good in fact that GKR decided to branch out from its strong karate club which was just in Adelaide. In September 1992 they decided to branch out to Sydney.

By 1995 GKR had about progressed well, they had 20 regions around all of Australia and had even branched out to New Zealand .It was then they decided to branch further and open classes in the United kingdom.

This also was a great success, under the wing of Sensei Jason Wright in the North and Sensei Joe Estrada in the South the club was now a large international club. So now GKR have decided to branch out once again this time to USA.

Today the club is going great getting larger and larger each day, full of dedicated and great students.

Recently there was a change in the structure of the senior levels in GKR Shihan has changed his title to its correct status which is not just Chief Instructor but Founder of the club which is "Kancho".

Assistant Chief Instructor Stacey Karestsian has now become Shihan Stacey Karetsian.

Shihan Stacey has also graded to his 4th Dan.