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2006 Update

We're married!
Steve and I were sealed on October 14th, 2006 in the Redlands, CA temple and are enjoying married life. We're in the process of buying a house (hopefully in Redlands) and all the joy that comes with that. It's tough growing up!

Get to Know Steve...

Steve grew up in Fontana, California. He works as a mechanic for the county fire department, so he fixes all kinds of fun stuff... including the things I break around the house (and the cars my parents and siblings wear down). He's pretty handy. I guess he's a keeper. ;) He's also attending two schools right now, working towards a Public Administration degree and a second career as a Fire Marshal some day. He rides a motorcycle (I've managed to weasel my way out of riding it so far), likes playing football and enjoys sports and being active. He's very much a "Guy" but he's got the sensitive side too. I enjoy seeing him cry when he gives a talk in church... LOL!!

Our Story...

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I've still got a job at ESRI and everything seems to be going well... at least they're keeping me busy. I've taken on a few new responsibilities (including managing half of a specific market when that marketing manager left... no pay raise with that unfortunately... just expected to fill in for fun!!) this year. I'm still working on books. Some upcoming ones are on Using GIS in Federal Government and for Decision Support. Mostly what I've been doing for the second half of the year is working on grants. We offer grants to governments and it actually takes a lot of time to manage them. I've worked on 4 this year, in addition to other more routine marketing campaigns. This year's business trips have taken me to San Diego CA (as always); Orlando, FL (DISNEYWORLD, my old roommate Megan came along on that trip); Nashville, TN; San Antonio, TX. Its been great this year because I was able to visit Family on a couple of trips.


Earlier in the year I was in charge of organizing a regional YSA career fair. Steve got to see me in my "taskforce" mode, which was really good for him to witness before he decided to marry me. It can be scary. So Steve and I are now in the Redlands 3rd ward. We're liking it so far. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming to us. We (I) know a number of people already in the ward so that is nice. It's a little louder than the singles ward but fun! Steve was called to be the sunday school teacher for the 15 year olds. He's really excited about it. I was recently called to be the Ward Young Women's Camp Director... Back to Girls Camp next summer!


I finished my independent study class on marketing. I took the GMAT earlier in the year but the thought of getting a masters has been lost for the time being... ;) I attended a conference for training for work in Long Beach this year, but that was a waste of time. Luckily Steve came out and we were able to visit some friends so it wasn't a complete waste. I'd like to take a couple of classes at the community college... maybe some music or anthropology or german classes.


I'd like to play sometime... jk. Steve and I went to a fun concert this year: John Mayer & Sheryl Crow. It was really good and we had a great time. Lisa came too. We took a fun trip to Provo so I could take the final for my independent study class and stopped in Vegas on the way back to visit friends. We enjoy going to the temple and hanging out. For Halloween we bought and carved pumpkins. Steve dressed up in his wildland fire fighting outfit and I wore an orange shirt (I was fire). The kids loved Steve's costume, I'm sure.

Check out my photo album and my family's webpage below for some more photos and the family update.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
And Happy New Year!

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