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the true happiness

Intro from the "Creators" of the site:

The whole reason for making this site is to tell the world....SHAUN WHITE MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!!!
I met Shaun when I was at the ripe age of six... he and my brother were best friends. umm.... not really. I'm only making this site because... well... I CAN! i havnt see him sence for like 4 years cause we moved ......:( i think it broke his little hearty. but yeah all you chicks out there think ...OMGOSH! shaun white is soooo frekain hot but what you dont know is that he didnt used to always be that way....yeah he was a cutie and i always thought so cause i had like the biggest crush on him like the sister cruch on her big brothers friends...yeah that kind.but yeah he didnt really get to hang out with the "cool guys" when he was younger and you may all think well thats fine cause they were all prolly mean pricks but you know what.... HE SOOOO WANTED TO HANG OUT WITH THem! i was like be your own person shaun but nooooo....didnt listen to me! but yeah ok well this is i guess the end of that little freak thing.....later days ya'll......hang loose

OKAY. wow. that was a doozy. in case u were wondering, there are two people on this site. although we are both extremely blonde-in-the-brains, one of us is *hemhem* a little more logical than the other. lol. okay... i never knew Shaun, but i've heard a crap load about him from my friend, gumby, over there. i'm pretty sure she still has a little bit of a crush on him (in the backround: gumby: A LITTLE?!?! ARE U KIDDING ME?! I FREAKIN LOVE THE GUY!) whoa. okay. lol. okay! catch ya on the flip side!! o and look at all the juicy pics of S.W. k?? o and my e-mail is : ~twinkle toes

Things that Make Me happy!