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Zebbug Rovers FC 4 - 4 Ghajnsielem FC



 Zebbug opening the score 


Ghajnsielem score with a great shot

Zebbug score the goal for 2-1  
Ghajnsielem was unfortunate with those two shots  
In the second half Ghajnsielem scores this free-kick for 2-2  
Another two chances for Ghajnsielem  
Zebbug press for another goal with these three shots  
The Rovers find the net for the score 3-2  
Another two chances of score for Ghajnsielem  
Ghajnsielem scores the third goal for 3-3  
Ghajnsielem scores and lead with the score 4-3  
Penalty for Zebbug and Tauali M. scores, for the final result 4-4