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All about me, How booooring


My family's website

family's website

Ok, this thing is long, so atleast read the last portion.... My life is basically ruled by sports. I love to swim and play or should I put it try to play tennis. But nothing is like going to San Diego, my favorite place to vaca. at, to play my game, soccer. That's right my soccer team went to San Diego to play soccer. It was really cool, one of my good friends and I got to room together, in dorms in the university of San Diego, California. We just re-painted my bedroom skylit blue, and it does seem to cool down our unbeliveable scortching temps. it has reached here. In Seattl;e, Washington!!!!! I mainly made this site because I wanted for my cusins who live far away to be able to sort of get what this 13 year old girl is like now. Yea, I've already been called it, Sabrina the teenage witch. I can't spell, nor could I have ever, because this thing really doesn't have spell check, the reason my e-mail's are normally flawless, big word for my rather small vocab. just kidding. Well a I enter the 8th grade, I can't wait to hear from my family, wheather you live in Wisconson, California, Alberta(Canada)Please alll excuse my spelling, or if you just wanted to read this, and your bed-room is located right next to mine, or whatever. Well I am hoping for some e-mail's from atleast someone, so, if my e-mail address doesn't show up like it's suppossed to, it's "" no quotes, no caps are actually needed, I just thought it loooks better...... and help me out but putting something like, Hi Sabrina, or whatever, so I know who it's coming from