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Band Member Info

Andrew Haven:
Born November 22, 1986, 17 year-old Andrew Haven plays the drums. Andrew’s music experience includes two years of Junior High band and one year of High School band. He taught himself how to play the drums in the 8th grade when he bought his first drum set. Rufus McNasty was originated by Andrew, his brother Zach Haven (alto sax/trombone), and Mike Toppings (bassist). Andrew resides in Dupo, IL and is currently unemployed devoting most of his time working on music and practicing with the band. In his free time, he also enjoys baseball, football, making short films, and spending any extra time with his friends. Andrew says that he gets his inspirations from bands such as Catch 22, Urge, Tool, Voodoo Glow Skulls and people such as his dad. His outlook for the band’s future is to play as many shows as they can and continue to have fun playing as a group.

Dustin Imhoff:
Dustin Imhoff, Rufus McNasty guitarist is inspired by Thrice, his guitar, which speaks to him, and by Mike Toppings. This 16-year-old guitarist has played in the high school band and junior high band throughout his career at Dupo. This is his first real band. He describes himself as a sit-at-home son, due mostly to his frequently malfunctioning lower half. Dustin has been playing guitar for about two years and describes his style as unique, “A little bit hardcore, but good.” When not playing in Rufus, he throws the shot put for his high school track and field team. Dustin also enjoys his wonderful girlfriend Jamie, non-alcoholic beer, chilaxxin in his crib, and the painkillers that help ease his stress and tension.

Zach Haven:
Born May 27, 1989, 14 year-old Zach Haven plays the Alto saxophone and trombone. Zach’s expirence with music is college level in theory and High School in playing. Zach is currently taking saxophone lessons in Missouri and is a full time music man. Zach himself is one of the “ORIGINATORS,” as they call it, dubbed so by getting the band together with his brother Andrew and friend Mike 2 ½ years ago. Zach, lying, told Andrew he could play trombone and eventually learned it to play with the band. When Zach isn’t totally involved in band, he is sleeping, eating dinners by candlelight, or listening to Kenny G. Charlie Orinet, Catch 22, and VooDoo Glow Skulls, which are some of Zach’s major inspirations. Zach says he wants to get as far as he can with the band but doesn’t want to forget to have fun!

Dustin Nadler:
Tenor saxophonist, Dustin Nadler, 17 years old, has been playing with the band for the last year and a half. Dustin has been playing the saxophone since the fifth grade. In his spare time, Dustin enjoys playing baseball and football, both of which he is a letterman at his high school, or he is life guarding at the local watering hole known as Hilltoppers. The originators of Rufus McNasty asked Dustin to join the band to which he replied “Hell, sounds good to me.” In regards to the band’s future, Dustin hopes to play some big venues and possibly sign a record deal, but most of all “have fun chilling with my boys.” His parents, The Urge, Less Than Jake, and the band itself inspire him. When Dustin isn’t doing all of these other activities, he likes to eat food, go to parties, and like most guys…be with the ladies.

Aaron Brooks:
Born August 6, 1984, the 19 year-old Aaron Brooks, who claims to be going on 6, is the lead singer. Aaron’s musical experience includes playing trumpet for four years, singing in chorus for four years, sang and wrote music for 3 Piece Suit for four months, played the recorder in 3rd grade, and “I can whistle with the best of them”, Aaron says. Aaron is the most recent addition to the band, being a member for a short time of four months. Aaron resides in Dupo, IL and works part time as a Sam’s Club cake-icer. Aaron’s other interests include the Golden Girls and David Hasselhoff. Aaron joined the band after his financial aid for college fell through and he was forced to move back to Dupo. The band invited him to sing and write for the band. The rest he describes as, “history.” Aaron’s goals for the band’s future are to play and create music they all enjoy. He hopes they play at some large venues and sign for a label to show the world their unique style of music all while expanding their musical horizons. Aaron gets his musical inspirations from Chris Carraba, Kris Roe, Taking Back Sunday, Less Than Jake, and all the ignorant girls who don’t know a good thing when they have it. Aaron also enjoys scriptwriting, movie making, and eating.