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Survivor  All Stars   Rudy Boesch (SEAL)




Beach's   Rudy Boesch   will compete with ''Survivor'' all-stars


By LARRY BONKO, The Virginian-Pilot
© January 13, 2004 | Last updated 9:54 AM Jan. 13

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.    -     Let Rudymania begin anew.

Almost four years after former Navy Command Master Chief Petty Officer Rudy
Boesch of Virginia Beach became famous as the crusty septuagenarian of
"Survivor," he'll again compete for $1 million in prime-time's highest-rated
reality series.

CBS on Monday announced that Boesch is among the 18 participants in
"Survivor: All-Stars," scheduled to premiere Feb. 1 after the Super Bowl.
That should guarantee an audience in the tens of millions.

Prior to CBS revealing the all-stars on Monday's "The Early Show," host
Harry Smith said he was hoping Boesch would be included.

Boesch, who turns 76 on Jan. 20, eagerly enters the competition to overcome
hunger, weather, fatigue and plotting by rival tribal members. The setting
will be Panama, where "Survivor: Pearl Islands" was played out.

SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS: The Saboga tribe: Rudy Boesch, Jenna Lewis, Jerri
Manthey, Rupert Boneham, Tina Wesson and Ethan Zohn.
The Chapera tribe: Virginian Tom Buchanan; Susan Hawk, a former ally of
Boesch's on Pulau Tiga; Alicia Calaway and Amber Brkich from the Outback;
Rob Mariano from Marquesas and Cesternino.

The Mogo Mogo tribe: Richard Hatch; Jenna Morasca; Colby Donaldson, who was
edged out by Wesson in Australia; Lex van den Berghe of "Survivor: Africa;"
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien of Marquesas and Shii Ann Huang, the "she devil" of
the Thailand series.

"I'm gonna keep doing this 'til I win," said Boesch, who was among the final
four in the "Survivor" won by the uninhibited Richard Hatch. Hatch is also
back in the game.

Since Hatch's triumph, six other editions of "Survivor" have followed, with
producer Mark Burnett promising to one day bring together the most popular
and competitive castaways of the seven shows.

Boesch, a decorated former Navy SEAL who retired in 1990 after 45 years of
service, finds himself in the Saboga tribe with a familiar face - Jenna
Lewis, who with Boesch took part in the first "Survivor," set on Pulau Tiga.
Lewis and Boesch face tough going.

Others in the Saboga tribe include two $1 million winners. Tina Wesson
outlasted all others in the Australian Outback, where she plotted against
Maralyn "Mad Dog" Hershey of Wakefield. Ethan Zohn was the last man standing
in the episodes that took place in Africa.

Completing Boesch's team are Rupert Boneham, the bearded and robust pirate
wannabe of "Survivor: Pearl Islands," and Jerri Manthey of "Survivor:
Outback," who made scheming fashionable in Australia. CBS refers to her as
the "Survivor" black widow.

Boneham said he's grateful for a second chance to achieve his goal: "To be
the best survivor of them all."

The 18 all-stars emerge from 112 men and women who have taken part in the
unscripted series that touched off the reality TV craze. Winners from past
competitions were not guaranteed a return.

In addition to Wesson and Zohn, the other $1 million winners looking to
score again include Jenna Morasca, the swimsuit model who triumphed in the
Amazon, and Hatch. In the Amazon, Morasca outlasted Rob Cesternino, who also
was named an all-star.

"We've been given a second chance to re-write history," he said.

CBS said it was bringing back the 18 players who connected best with viewers
when they were competing. "The producers were out to create the most drama,"
said "Early Show" correspondent Tracy Smith, who on Jan. 26 will begin a
series on the all-stars and their strategies.

On "Survivor: All-Stars," at least three former winners will leave as
losers, their torches snuffed out by host Jeff Probst.

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Thursday Feb 5, 2004


As SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS pushed forward, the Saboga tribe was forced to make their second trek to Tribal Council, where they ousted Rudy Boesch, the 76-year-old All-Star of SURVIVOR: BORNEO from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Due to his age coupled with an injured ankle, Rudy was viewed as the weakest member of tribe, causing him to be eliminated from Saboga in a three-to-two decision.

Shortly after his torch was extinguished, Rudy warned; "Everything was all set up to vote Ethan off. I can see Ethan voting against me, but I can't see the other two people voting against me. And if I was them... I'd stay clear of me."


As the rain poured down, the Saboga tribe's morale was going from bad to worse. Not one for low morale, Rudy regaled the tribe with his stories from Vietnam, thus briefly taking the tribe's thoughts off of their hunger, thirst and loss at the first Immunity Challenge.

Over at the Mogo Mogo camp, the dehydrated tribe had varying reactions to the decision of Richard Hatch, the 42-year-old winner of SURVIVOR: BORNEO from Middletown, Rhode Island, to walk around naked. Not everyone agreed with Lex van den Berghe's indifference to Richard's nudity. "We got an overweight, gay, naked man walking around, and no one seems to let it bother them," laughed Colby Donaldson, the 29-year-old tribe member of SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK from Christoval, Texas.


                                               Bueno Bye Rudy!    sob! sob!



Rudy Boesch MCPO(SEAL) USN Retired

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