A Very Special Kimagure Thanks to :
Eric Shinohara The "founding father" of this petition who started this whole drive effort.
Bryan K. Ogawa and James Li They created the very first web sites housing the petition pages to promote the effort.
AnimEigo Company who first released the KOR OAVs and who finally agreed to sponser the petition.

Contributing KOR TV Pledge Members Comments
Name/EmailWWW SiteComments
Brian Castleberry Whimisical KOR
David Hsing Love Triangle at Kimagure Orange Road: A Pictorial Listen to Rob and spread the good word about KOR... anime fans deserve to know about it.
Treva Treva's Anime Lounge nice to see a fan that love anime as much as i do :} laterz
Alice1 As a long time KOR fan, I have pre-order the LD version after I've read what you wrote on your page. Thanks for having this page for the KOR fans!!
Iskandar Taib Iskandar
Tony Butler Aquarian
Edward Gray Portrait of Dorian Gray I just pre-ordered the VHS set and put up links to your Rallying Page! I sure hope we get enough people! ja mata ne!
Ryu connor The Valhalla I managed to talk to a great deal of people about this series. I could only manage to find two types. Those who have seen it and those who have not. I could not find anyone who did not love this series. I now very much look forward to seeing the petition completed and a set of tapes in my hands. Thank you.
Stephen Tsai Kimagure Productions Just wanted to let you know I've added one of your logos to my site: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Ginza/1604/ I originally just had a direct link to the Animego signup sheet, but your page is definitely a better way of doing it. Gambatte!
Orpheus College Club I was so deeply touched and moved when I first saw your website. It was innovative, informative and very precise. After reading what you had to say, I considered that this is a good opportunity of a lifetime, so I ordered the tapes.

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