KOR TV Help Testimonials Page

This page will contain a list of "deeds" performed by supporters to help further this worthwhile effort.
Wade Missimer, June 4, 1997
HECTO will be releasing a fansub of the Shin KOR movie on 6/20. As editor for the script, I've included the following text in my editor's notes: "As of March 1997, AnimEigo is launching a drive to sign-up KOR fans to preorder the Kimagure Orange Road TV series (48 episodes). When they have a sufficient number of fans sign-up to preorder LDs or VHS tapes, they'll finally subtitle this wonderful series. Please visit the AnimEigo webpage to obtain further information." We'll also be placing this on the HECTO webpage (http://www.concentric.net/~Hecto375/HECTO.htm) with a link to the AnimEigo webpage. If anyone has any other suggestions of how HECTO can help promote the KOR TV drive, please send me email: wfm@xnet.com.